Aaron Hernandez Ruined It For Everybody in the NFL


Aaron Hernandez formerly of the New England Patriots was indicted for a 2012 double murder. Not the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, which he is currently in jail awaiting trial, but a separate double murder from the year before.  The alleged story is that Hernandez and associate Alexander Bradley were together in the club, and for some reason they followed the victims out of the club and executed them drive by style.

The story is even more damning for Hernandez because Bradley is suing Hernandez for allegedly shooting him in the face, and causing him to lose his right  eye, and then Bradley was shot again in February 2014 at a Connecticut night club.  It should be noted that Bradley was charged in that incident because he allegedly returned with a gun and opened fire, but it still looks bad for Hernandez.

Even if Hernandez didn’t commit the crime, what do you think Bradley is going to say? Plus there are whispers that Hernandez may have been responsible for multiple shootings in Florida.  The more that comes out about this story the worse it is going to get not only for Hernandez, but the entire NFL in general because this story seems like a gangster movie.

The Hernandez case is a black eye on the NFL in general because now that we know what Hernandez is capable of, we have to wonder what everyone else in the NFL is capable of.  A byproduct of that is the fact that incidents that do occur will have increased significance.  Remember Sam Hurd of the Chicago Bears? He got 15 years for a drug distribution ring, but that story was under the radar considering the significance of the case.

Ray Rice probably wouldn’t be in the NFL  if this indictment came out earlier.  He knocked his wife unconscious in public.   DeSean Jackson felt the effects already by getting cut by the Philadelphia Eagles after a career year because of supposed ‘gang’ ties.  It’s a new era for NFL because they are all going to be under increased scrutiny.  Not just the players, but the NFL offices will have to explain how they didn’t know anything about what has been going on in their league.  The NFL suspended Michael Vick before his court case like their  security had all of the facts, but they miss a murderer playing in their league?  It doesn’t make sense, and now that the cat is out of the bag so to speak, the entire NFL is going to have to answer for Aaron Hernandez actions.


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Aaron Hernandez Ruined It For All NFL Players


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