Can Dwayne Johnson Save WWE?

Dwayne Johnson also known as ‘The Rock’ in wrestling circles will be returning to WWE Monday January 7, on a more active basis, and I wonder if he can save the franchise, so to speak.  Personally, I grew up on wrestling, which is why the deterioration of the wrestling product is sad in a sense.
It had to be this way because this is a byproduct of cleaning up the performance enhancing drug use, but if you used to watch wrestling in the 90’s then you can’t watch it now.  It isn’t as violent, and the stars today have no personality, and therefore the impact of the sport has decreased significantly.

In wrestling’s glory days there were 2 major promotions, WWE ( formerly known as WWF) and WCW (formerly known as NWA), and they were led by two megastars.  Hulk Hogan led WWE , and Ric Flair, the man that Lebron James recently said invented swag, led WCW, but there were many other stars.  Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage, Shawn Michaels, Brett Hart, Kevin Nash, Undertaker, Steve Austin,and Triple H were just a few of the stars that wrestling has spawned over the years.  But that was a different time, a time when wrestling was a part of ‘pop’ culture.  It will never be like that again, but can ‘The Rock’ bring it back some measure of respect?



It’s amazing to think that ‘The Rock’ could be the savior of wrestling considering his beginning.  When he made his debut the crowds didn’t respond to him, and he had to start as a bad guy to develop his character to where it is today.  His style and charisma was evident from day one, but no one could have predicted the success that he has had outside of the ring.  Dwayne Johnson is bigger than wrestling, but wrestling is the family business.  His father and grandfather were wrestlers, so it isn’t a surprise to see him back.  Let’s just hope that it isn’t too late and he can inject some life into a business that’s dying.


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