Can Gonzalez Twins Make Women’s Basketball Cool?


The Gonzalez twins, Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez are two Kansas University women’s basketball recruits from Idaho.  The twins are about six feet with good ball skills, so the sky is the limit as far as their basketball career if they work at it.  But these girls may be bigger than just basketball players.  They are models, they sing, and they know how to social network.  The Gonzalez twins may be just what women’s basketball needs to take the next step as far as growth.

Women’s college basketball lost 3 major stars this season, so there is a void to be filled.  Brittney Griner was the dominant player, but she couldn’t advance the sport because she isn’t feminine enough.  Since she is not feminine people want to compare her to men and ponder if she can play in the NBA, when she didn’t make the Final 4 in Women’s NCAA Basketball.   Skylar Diggins did her part, and Candace Parker having a child and still playing is huge,  but it isn’t enough.

Not to generalize because there are many feminine basketball players, but they are the minority instead of the majority.  The Gonzalez twins can change that perception because these girls aren’t just models because they are tall, and they can overcome the perception.  Any advertisement that they are on will cause more people  to follow them and thus the sport.  Plus it may make other girls, who don’t fit the women’s basketball player stereo-type, more comfortable to play, also expanding the game.

The question about the twins won’t be about performance on the court because they seem to have the right type of work ethic.  But the problem for them will be whether basketball can hold their attention once the world discovers them.  Being from Idaho they are  still a secret, and their journey is just beginning.  Women with the looks and talent they possess have much more lucrative opportunities than women’s basketball, and it will be interesting to see how long they focus primarily on basketball.   Whatever they decide to do I am sure they will be great.  As they begin their journey it’s interesting to think where it may end up.


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