Cannabis – The Truth Why it was Criminalized

Cannabis was an integral part of society for thousands of years.  Its value isn’t limited to its medicinal benefits.  It can be used for textiles, paper, food, and fuel materials.  With such a wide array of uses, it obviously wasn’t criminalized as a way to protect citizens.  But following the money trail leads to the truth.


Real Reason Cannabis was Prohibited

Cannabis Saves Lives! attempted shed light on the reason that the plant was criminalized in the video, ‘The Real Reason Cannabis was Prohibited‘.  The video documents how the financial interests of the most powerful trumped the greater good the masses.

Cannabis has been used by civilizations for thousands of years.  We are familiar with the medicinal and recreational values, but that only tells part of the story.  It can be used to make paper, food, and even can be used in industrial manufacturing.  Reportedly, Henry Ford wanted to used hemp in the manufacturing of his cars.

Cannabis is also an alternative to petroleum that is much better for the environment.   A cannabis oil spill isn’t going to have the same effect on the environment.  It’s also a better source of paper as opposed to cutting down trees.  It could also be used to make a biodegradable plastic alternative, plus it would be a boon for the agricultural industry because it can be grown anywhere.

With those type of benefits, it’s hard to wonder why it ever become illegal.  But there is no money in doing the right thing.  Our governmental system of lobbying puts the power in the hands of those with money.  So the good of the people is always secondary to the money.


Reefer Madness (1936) (Anti-Cannabis Propaganda)

Harry Anslinger, the founding commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (1930), which eventually became the current Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was the main instigator for the war on cannabis.  There isn’t a money trail that traces Anslinger’s gain for his views.  But Anslinger is the nephew-in-law of Andrew Mellon (Mellon Bank), so he is can be indirectly linked to some powerful families.  Families who reaped the benefits from the criminalization of cannabis.
Harry Anslinger quote on cannabis

Anslinger coined the name of marijuana, from the Mexican slang word ‘marihuana’, to prey on the fears of  immigration and racism.  Even though cannabis was a part of society, people believed the propaganda.

Over the last 80 years we like to feel like we have advanced, the truth is, the masses fall for the same type of propaganda.  There has been some progression, but we still aren’t taking advantage of this ‘miracle’ plant.

Why don’t we have an engine that runs off of hemp oil? That’s the obvious the solution to much that ails the world.  It’s better for the environment.  It would stimulate economic growth through agriculture.  But even more importantly, it would stop terrorism.

It’s not a stretch to think that it would stop terrorism.  It’s simple logic.  The source of terrorism is the Middle East.  The main economy of the region is oil.  Terrorism takes money, so it’s logical that terrorism will fall in correlation with the money supply.

It makes too much sense for cannabis to be legalized.  The fact that it’s not should demonstrate the priorities of our ‘leaders’.  But sadly the majority won’t see anything until someone shows them.











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