Compton Cricket Club


The Compton Cricket Club is another testimonial to the power of sports to inspire people to rise above their circumstances.   The club was founded in 1995 by Ted Hayes and Katy Haber.  The club was originally comprised of homeless, and it eventually branched out to reach at risk inner city youths.

The Compton Cricket Club also known as “Compton Homies & The Popz” has traveled the world and is one of the most famous cricket teams in the world.  But that success still hasn’t translated into funding and the organization is struggling to continue operations.

One would think a man with Ted Hayes’ reputation would have no problem getting funding for anything.  In the piece on, David Jacoby implied that ESPN has been sitting on the story for awhile, but the timing was right now?? I guess much needed exposure to their cause wasn’t needed until they were near going under.  Click to support the Compton Cricket Club

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