Conspiracy Theory or Truth? The Curse of the Israelites


“The Curse of the Israelites” is a documentary that attempts to explain the plight of ‘Black’ or urban culture. The premise of the documentary is that the ‘Blacks’ are the true Israelites, and the reason for their struggle in today’s society is because they violated their Covenant with God.  The documentary goes on to suggest that the urban struggle will continue until the ‘Blacks’ get right with God.  Whether or not you agree with the premise of the documentary, there is no denying that they made some good points and they fostered thought that some may expand on.  Why is it that African-Americans don’t know their past? Why are they the only race that hates each other? Why are they called ‘Black’ when they are brown? By the same contrast, why are Caucasians referred to as ‘White’ when they are pink.  Black is a negative term associated with darkness.  There are reasons to everything that happens, it may not necessarily be a conspiracy because today there is no need to hide it because people wouldn’t believe the truth because many lack the capacity to understand what is really going on.


Conspiracy Theory or Truth

The Curse of the Israelites” by Israylite Heritage Productions.



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