Converse Suing Over Copycat Sneakers


Converse is suing 31 retailers and manufacturers over their iconic ‘Chuck Taylor All-Star‘ shoe.  Converse is suing over trademark infringement because of copycat sneakers.  The suit is a power move because there are some industry giants named in the suit including Wal-Mart, H&M, Skechers, K-Mart, and others.  According to the New York Times, the goal of the suit is not only monetary damages, but a separate complaint  launched with International Trade Commission will stop the shoes from entering the country.

Converse is claiming that the rubber toe is a trademark of their shoes, and therefore all other brands are knock-offs, so they want compensation and production stopped.   In case Under Armour thought they were making grounds by making an offer to Kevin Durant, Nike let it be known how far they are behind, and in the process put a stranglehold on the sneaker game.

Nike purchased Converse in 2003, so this has been in the works.  According to, based on Nike’s 2013 data,  Converse projects to reach $3 billion in sales for 2014.  If these suits are successful, profits could double again in 2015.  It’s surprising that this wasn’t done  sooner because Chuck Taylor’s are bigger than sports.  The shoes have been culturally significant since 1917, and they are ingenious in their simplicity, which is why they stand the test of time.  Every generation relates to Chuck Taylors, so they are a great foundation to a Nike fashion line.  Don’t be surprised to see a Converse resurgence in 2015.


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