DEA Raids 3 NFL Medical Staffs After Game

According to AP, the DEA raids 3 visiting NFL team medical staffs after their games.  The Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers medical staffs were all ‘spot-checked’.  Apparently doctors can only dispense prescription medications in the state they have a license, and there are strict rules on who can even handle controlled substances, so the DEA wanted to make sure teams are complying.  The surprise visit was in response to a lawsuit file in May by former players going all the way back to 1968.

The former players are alleging that NFL teams gave them prescription medications to keep them playing, while not advising of the long-term dangers.  No one doubted the truth of what the players are claiming because other former players, against the suit, acknowledged that it happened, but contended that they all knew it was dangerous long-term.  That is why it is so surprising that the DEA did a surprise visit.

Drugs are what makes the NFL so great.  A study compared the collisions in the NFL to a car crash.  Interestingly the study found that the most ‘dangerous’ positions are the offensive and defensive lines, followed by the running back and linebackers.  Receivers and quarterbacks take the least physical punishment, but are the highest paid, which is why they are the most protected.  But the other players are the heart of the game.  The ones who make the least, but give the most.

The players who endure the physical punishment of the NFL need help to recover because it isn’t natural to take a pounding like that every week.  Fighters Regulating the medications would be the beginning of the end of the game.  With no pain killers would players approach the game differently?

Some call alcohol liquid courage because when people drink they are less inhibited, and more likely to do things that they wouldn’t when they are sober.  So it is fair to assume that players would be less likely to put themselves is harms way, if they knew  they would feel the pain.  This case is fascinating because like Jack Nicholson said in “A Few Good Men”, “you can’t handle the truth.  Is the public ready for the truth about the NFL?

 DEA inspects NFL Team Medical Staffs



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