Did Al Sharpton Sellout the Urban Community?



Al Sharpton sat down with Lee Hawkins of Wall Street Journal to discuss why he still considers himself an activist, and defends himself against accusations that he sold out.  It’s hard to say that he sold out when he has always been the same.  Sharpton has always sought out the fame, and he became famous by default.  Jesse Jackson was the token black person to ‘represent the urban community’, but he can’t stay away from sex scandals, so Al Sharpton got to replace him.  Sharpton’s reputation as a ‘ambulance chaser’ will never go away, so his position is by default.  Expectations aren’t high because Jesse Jackson set the bar so low.     It’s sad, but Sharpton is the only one out there doing anything in the community.

Sharpton is taking too much credit for things, but he is right on point stating that his critics aren’t doing anything.  It is easy to judge and criticize what is going on, but if you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem.  Too many people opine for the way things were, but they don’t want or understand how to make that happen.


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Al Sharpton with Lee Hawkins



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