Ebola: Understanding the Disease

The ebola virus has been dominating the headlines lately, but what so we really know about the virus.  What we know is from television and that isn’t a reputable source of information.  Info Graphic World provided a visual that defines ebola, traces its roots symptoms, so we can, gives some key facts, and lastly list the symptoms.

In times like these knowledge is power.  We need to keep informed of what is really going on because relying on the media will drive you crazy.  The new reports the virus is mutating to become more contagious, but this deadly killer has killed one person in the United States of America.  That being said the situation needs monitoring because this could be an attack, but the media can’t say, so they are making a big deal out of 1 death as a clue.  If that is the case then all bets are off.

 Ebola: Understanding the disease


Courtesy of: Infographic World


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