Edinburgh Scotland -The Royal Mile


My journey officially began in Edinburgh Scotland.  Edinburgh? you may ask, well at first I was skeptical as well.   I visited the “Royal Mile” district, which is a stretch of road with Holyrood Palace on one end and Edinburgh Castle on the other.  Holyrood Palace is the residence of the British monarch when they are in Scotland, so I wondered how interesting seeing a monarch’s residence, or walking through a castle could be?

Little did I know that I was in for a life changing experience.  After my journey I realized that there is something inspiring about being in the presence of history.  Being American, we are a relatively new country, so our history isn’t as awe inspiring, but there is something special about walking the same path that has been walked for almost a thousand years.

It allows you to vividly imagine what life was like back then, and it blurs the lines of possibility, when you think about what the people of those times were able to accomplish with their own ingenuity, it makes you want to make your mark.


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Edinburgh Scotland – “The Royal Mile”



It turns out that Edinburgh and Scotland in general are rich in history and the Scottish people embrace that history and share it with all that come to visit.  Edinburgh Castle is on of the most popular tourist attractions in the world for good reason as the views from the top are breath taking.   Another great attraction  Mary King’s Close.  A close is the equivalent of a neighborhood in a different time.

Mary King’s Close has been preserved as an attraction to give tourists the full experience of the time.  It was humbling walking through a replica house, which was so tiny, then journey into a  very narrow street not only used for transportation, but as  a marketplace  and sewage system as well.  Next we journeyed into the house of a family who were isolated because they had the black plague.  It made you appreciate the little things in life like toilets and medical care.

But a vacation isn’t just about learning, it is about having fun too and Edinburgh didn’t disappoint in that area.  Edinburgh is home to some of the most famous pubs in the world.  If you feel up to it, at night, there is a pub crawl tour where you can sample the beer, ale, and lagers from some of the most famous pubs in the world.  Warning, there is a reason that they call in the pub crawl.

But if you aren’t up to sampling all of the pubs, here is a least of some of the top pubs you may want to visit.  If pubs aren’t your thing then Edinburgh is also known for its seafood, or there is always shopping.  Edinburgh has some of the same franchise stores as the US, but there are a number of local vendors who cater to the tourists that you may want to sample.  Scotland may not seem like the sexy place to visit, but it is definitely a worth while experience.

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