Vice News – Getting High on HIV Medications


VICE News took a trip to South Africa to find out what it’s like ‘Getting High on HIV Medications‘.  In South Africa, they were looking for the street drug nyaope.  Nyaope is known to include anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), which are the medications used to treat HIV. Apparently there is a hallucinogen effect, which is what makes it appealing to drug users

It’s hard to imagine getting high on HIV medications, but this is something going on in Africa, where they have a larger HIV population, so I guess it isn’t taboo for them.  It’s hard to imagine any part of HIV meds becoming part of recreational drug use because of the stigma of HIV.  It wasn’t long ago that people wouldn’t touch someone with HIV in the states, so it’s doubtful that anyone would take their medicine.  Plus in the states, those medications are expensive, but they obviously aren’t in Africa because the doctor gave away 30 tablets.

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VICE News- Getting High on HIV Medications


Based on how they get down in Africa, getting high on HIV meds, they probably think Americans are soft for mostly smoking weed.  It reminds me of “Half Baked” when Dave Chappelle tried to get help for his weed addiction


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