Giancarlo Stanton Did Not Realize What He was Getting Into

Giancarlo Stanton had it good in Miami.  He is only beginning to realize how easy he had it.  Playing baseball with little fanfare, but no pressure.  Stanton currently has the richest contract in baseball, yet his team never finished over .500.  In Miami no one cared, but now that he is a New York Yankee, there are expectations.  

Giancarlo Stanton is 6’6″ and 250 pounds.  Stanton was born to be an athlete.  He excelled at football, basketball, and baseball.  Giancarlo Stanton has a natural ability where he is expected to do great things

His baseball career has been nondescript.  He has highlight moments such as tape measure home runs.  But he has never experienced team success.  Stanton’s Marlins teams never finished .500.  He hasn’t won in his professional career.  His quest for winning led him to the New York Yankees.

Stanton arrived with the Yankees coming off a career year.  He hit .281 with 50 home-runs and 132 runs batted in.  His previous high for home-runs was 37, and runs batted in was 105.  Pairing him with Aaron Judge, who hit 52 home-runs as a rookie, the expectations were unreal.


Giancarlo Stanton on Playing with Aaron Judge



Judge and Stanton were being talked about among Yankee greats before the season began.  Stanton seemed to embrace the expectations before the season.  He obviously didn’t understand how passionate New Yorkers are about their Yankees.

The season is just getting started, but Stanton is already in the bad graces of the New York fans.  He is striking out a lot, and the fans are booing him.  The longer he struggles, the harder it will be to break out of his slump.  To make matters worse, the team as a whole isn’t living up to expectations.

Giancarlo Stanton will be the scapegoat if the team fails.  It’s not fair, but it is a by-product of his salary.  To those whom much is give, much is expected.  Stanton talked about wanting to win, but is he ready for the pressure of expectations that come with it?

Playing in Miami, there was no pressure.  The team had no expectations.  There weren’t consequences.  Stanton has been somewhat injury prone, only playing over 123 games three times in his career.  In Miami the flashes of potential were enough to keep the fans happy, but New York expects more.

It will be interesting to follow Stanton’s time in New York.  He has lived off his enormous potential, but now he has to start delivering on that potential.

The pressure is new to him, and there is no pressure greater than New York.  Not everyone can make it in New York, but Stanton has a chance to create a legacy.  It’s not going to be easy, and he is going to have to come through an adveristy he has never faced before.  He has the physical attributes, but playing in New York is going to test his mental prowess.

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