History of Santa Claus


This video, courtesy of xlivescom, explores the history of Santa Claus aka Saint Nick.  Old Nick is a reference to the devil according to the dictionary, so is Santa Claus some grand conspiracy to get people to worship the Devil.   When you first hear it, it seems ludicrous because of how we are conditioned to think of Santa, but it does make sense.  The placement of the letter ‘N’ is the only difference between Santa and Satan, but most will never notice the similarity in the names.

Santa Claus wears red and comes down the chimney, implying that he walks through flames.  Plus he only travels at night, on a chariot driven by magical beasts.  Then children are taught to pray and seek the favor of this mysterious man in red who can walk through flames.  It makes no sense, especially considering that Santa is supposed to be a representation of Christmas, the Christian Holiday.   Lastly, Santa judges us, whether we are naughty or nice, but supposedly only God can judge us.

There are many mystifying tendencies of this character that we call Santa Claus.  We were told that he represented something good, but can we be sure when all the signs point to him being bad? This brings in to question the entire holiday of Christmas.  Christmas is supposed to represent the birth of Jesus, but historical evidence suggests that Jesus birth was not around Christmas time.  So what is this day that is so ingrained in our culture and society.


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