Why Does NCAA Have Less Elite College Football Teams??

There were some major upsets during week 2 of the 2012 college football season.  Wisconsin lost to Oregon State, Oklahoma State lost to Arizona, and Nebraska lost to UCLA.  At first I thought this was about the ineptitude of the Big 10, but then supposed SEC dark horse, Arkansas, lost to Louisiana Monroe the week before they host Alabama.  Arkansas did lose their quarterback in the game but that is no excuse.  People thought that Arkansas could compete with Alabama and LSU, but obviously not.  Even the mighty SEC is not immune to this bad college football.  Everyone talks about the SEC dominance over college football, but that dominance right now is 2 teams, Alabama and LSU.  Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow aren’t coming through that door at Forida, Georgia is losing players left and right, and the NCAA is watching so Auburn can’t buy another Cam Newton.  South Carolina has been putting out NFL players, but their team isn’t elite because they don’t have a quarterback.

There is talk of making “super conferences” of 16 schools, but it doesn’t make sense because there are only about four teams that consistently matter in my opinion.  Besides Alabama and LSU, there is Oregon and USC.  Other teams may have great players that put  them on the map for a few years, but those 4 schools always seem to be good.  It should be noted that USC even stayed relevant on probation, which is unheard of.  I expect Ohio State to be in that class as long as Urban Meyer stays.  Many believe that scholarship limitations have created parody in college football, but I don’t necessarily buy that.  How are the top programs so much better than everyone else with the same limited scholarships?  The only thing that it could be is the coaching because that is what all of those elite programs have in common.  Generations have peaks and valleys for players, so why would coaches be any different.  This must just be a bad time for coaches, or it could be that the good coaches don’t want to deal with all the NCAA rules, and they become NFL assistants and wait for their opportunity there.  Whatever the case, the NCAA needs to realize that their product is suffering and do something about it.  I know they have dollar signs dancing in their heads with the new playoff system while keeping the bowl system, but if there is no intrigue then the playoffs won’t be as successful as they think long term.

It will be interesting to see how this season plays out because personally I am waiting on Alabama versus LSU and USC versus Oregon.  Those are the games that will determine the BCS National Championship contenders in my opinion.  This is just week 2 in the season, and there are only 2 games that I want to see the whole season, which is sad in a sense.  The NCAA’s greed and strict rules are making college football an after-thought.  It’s funny because everyone says that football is king in the USA, but I think people are being more and more drawn away from not only college but pro football as well.  The season just started, but I am counting the days until basketball season starts, and from the interactions that I have had with other people, I’m not the only one.



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