Is Ndamukong Suh Out of Control in NFL?


I understand that Ndamukong Suh plays with a lot of anger, but after watching this hit, he is trying to hurt people, and he is out of control.  He didn’t just tackle Cutler, he put a WWE wrestling move on him.  People will say football is a physical sport, but with the concern about concussions, Suh DROVE his head into the ground.  I don’t think there is any question that Suh was trying to hurt him, and this is only going to help his reputation as a dirty player.  The sad part is that he is a great talent and doesn’t need the dirty tactics

That type of  mentality will only hinder  him in his journey toward greatness. There is a correlation between this type of attitude and the number of arrests that the Lions have had.  When you play on the edge of the rules, there will be a tendency to live the same way.  That kind of attitude is something that you can’t turn off, but when you get a penalty in real life, bad things happen like getting arrested or maybe even worse.  Hopefully Suh matures, and has a change of heart to work toward realizing his potential because football life is limited and he is wasting prime years.

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