Is the U.S. Government Guilty of War Crimes?


There have been reports that the United States drone strikes in Pakistan may constituted as war crimes by Amnesty International.   Amnesty International is a group that draws attention to human rights abuses and attempts to use public opinion to correct injustices.  It will be interesting to say the least to see how the American public responds to this story, or if the story even  reaches the American public.

After all Americans are in favor of drone  strikes because they feel like it means fewer troops that sent to battle.  The U.S. is defending the drone strikes saying they don’t proceed unless there is no threat of civilian casualties, but CBS News reported that Human Rights Watch alleges 82 people, at least 57 civilians killed in drone strikes in Yemen between September 2012 and June 2013.  It’s surprising that the U.S. took the stand that they don’t proceed unless there is no threat of civilian casualties because they are talking out of both sides of their mouth.  If it’s a war on terror, and we know that war isn’t fair, then we understand what type of tactics are used.

It’s sad to say, but I don’t think this movement to stop the drone attacks will gain much steam, and the  vicious cycle will continue.  Family members of the innocents slain will continue the pipeline of ‘terrorists’ willing to die for American destruction.




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