Is United States of America Coverage of Ebola Virus Insulting?


Coverage of the ebola virus is getting out of control in America.  The virus called an epidemic and an outbreak, even though only 1 person has died in the United States and close to 5000 people died across the world.  National Geographic tracked other epidemics to show how the ebola virus is insignificant in the big scheme of things.  Every life is precious, but 1 death shouldn’t predict doom and gloom for the country.  British comedian Russell Howard summed it up perfectly on his show ‘Russell Howard’s Good News‘.

Howard showed the differences between UK and USA coverage of the ebola scare.  In the UK the media is preaching calm, while in the states the message is chaos.  Howard even had a clip of an ‘outraged’ African-American who had no clue.  As an African-American the clip was cringe worthy because this is how we are.  Perception is reality.  But this isn’t just an African-American issue, it is an American issue because there are no longer any cover-ups going on.  Everything is blatant  Should we as Americans be insulted? or do we have a right?

There is nothing new under the sun, so these tactics have always existed, but they are so blatant now.  The previous media outrage over the death of James Foley, and the ensuing ISIS infatuation  is another example.  It was brutal what happened to Foley, but he was a war correspondent covering the Syrian Civil War.  He knew the job was dangerous when he took it.  Plus he went missing in November of 2012, and no one cared, but kill him and it’s war.   We drone strike them and people die, and their descendants come back  for revenge.  It’s a vicious cycle that will continue because that region has been at war since biblical times.

Everything is regulated by some outside force, and now for some reason they want us scared of ebola.  Swine flu wasn’t this big of a deal, but it killed many more people.  This isn’t even to the point that it is news worthy because everything is really speculation.  Why is this in the news? Aren’t their health privacy laws? Why did they need to come back to the states anyway? We have the technology, but not the experience, so it was inevitable that ebola would get out.  Now are we supposed to believe that wasn’t the plan? If it wasn’t the plan maybe they will give away the cure.


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Russell Howard’s Good  News


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