Joe Flacco Gets Paid But At What Cost to Baltimore Ravens?


Joe Flacco signed a NFL record 6 year $120.6 million with the Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens had to lock up the quarterback long term after winning the Superbowl, but did they sacrifice their franchise to do so? The Ravens have a number of free agents on the defensive side of the ball, and defense is where their team is still built.  The Ravens scored 34 points in the Superbowl, but a defensive stop was needed to save the game.  Plus the 34 points are misleading because the Ravens got 2 unexpected touchdowns.

Jacoby Jones deserved to be MVP in my opinion because he broke the game open by catching a touchdown right before half time, and then running a kick off back the first play of the second half.  Those 2 plays won the game and in my opinion he deserved the MVP.  The Ravens win was a team effort.  Flacco is getting credit as if he won the game, but my perception is that he didn’t lose it.  He got a key third down completion, but credit for that could also go to the receivers.  The Ravens are at a crossroads with Ray Lewis retiring and Ed Reed being a free agent.  The Ravens have other high profile free agents that they will have to address on offense and defense, but they can’t let Ed Reed go can they? How can any locker room recover from losing Ed Reed and Ray Lewis? The Ravens got their quarterback, but they may have started a rebuilding in the process.  Listen to Ed Reed, he seems like he knows he may be gone.  It wasn’t just the last ride for Ray, it was the last ride for the Ravens as we know them.

ESPN Comments on Joe Flacco Deal


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