Jordan Spieth Masters Win Reminiscent of Young Tiger

Jordan Spieth Wire to Wire Masters Win

The Jordan Spieth Masters win was deja vu.  For those old enough to remember how Tiger won his first Masters it is eerie.  Spieth ties Tiger’s (-18) 1997 course record en route to a wire to wire Masters win.  The win comes a year after the then 20-year-old Spieth lost the lead in the final round of the Masters.  Plus the win comes with the pressure of golf’s heavyweights, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Rory McIlroy, so Spieth may be primed to do something special in golf.

It can’t be overstated how impressive this win was.  Phil Mickelson, who has to most to lose with Spieth’s ascension, was chasing Spieth down.  According to Forbes, Mickelson made $44 million in just endorsements in 2014.  It’s not like Mickelson has been winning, so if a hot-shot kid starts winning, Mickelson’s endorsers are going to flock to him.  Phil Mickelson did everything he could to put the pressure on Spieth, but it didn’t matter.  Jordan Spieth proved that he doesn’t succumb to the pressure.

It probably isn’t fair to Spieth to compare Spieth to a young Tiger, but he has demonstrated that type of potential.  He dominated the field as a young Tiger did.  But Spieth win may be more impressive that Tiger’s because when Tiger ran away in 1997, the rest of the field was intimidated and rolled over.  That was not the case for Spieth, plus he rebounded from disappointment the year before.  Everyone threw their best shot, but it wasn’t enough.

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