King of Cannabis (Full Documentary)

VICE followed Arjan Roskam, a noted marijuanna breeder who has been dubbed the ‘King of Cannabis.’Roskam is the owner and founder of the Green House Coffeeshops, Green House Seed Company, Strain Hunters and several other cannabis businesses. He’s the sole breeder in the world credited with winning over 38 high times cannabis cups. Arjan was crowned the King of Cannabis in the 1990’s. Roskam’s idea for The King of Cannabis concept was to achieve cannabis acceptance around the world because marijuana use is vilified because people don’t realize its values.

Some would say that the crimilization of marijuana is part of a large world government conspiracy.  Roskam had the brilliant idea to have celebrities speak out against the crimilization of cannabis, and it has worked. This vision of normalization has now become a reality, cannabis is becoming more and more accepted all around the world for recreational and medicinal use, and it has become a fixture of urban culture worldwide. In the United States alone, more than 19 states have now legalized cannabis for medicinal use and 2 states have recently legalized cannabis for recreational use.

Additionally Uruguay has completely legalized cannabis, and the majority of the European countries have decriminalized cannabis for personal use. In countries like Spain, hundreds of legal cannabis social clubs have opened up all over the country. Even though marijuanna reform has come a long way as a part of the world culture, ‘The King of Cannabisis still at the forefront of the fight for cannabis legalization around the world! (source

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King of Cannabis Full Documentary



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