Mo’ne Davis Dominates LLWS…But What Does It Mean?

Mo’ne Davis is not the first female to play at the Little League World Series (LLWS), but she had the most memorable performance throwing a complete game shutout winning 4-0 against Nashville Tennessee.  Davis’ story has attracted the attention of the  world, as her story is an indicator of women being equal.  Davis’ feats are a major accomplishment, but her success could end up being bad for her and baseball.

For baseball, Davis’ success could be seen as a deterrent for future generations of players, and for Davis with attention comes pressure, even though she says all the right things and seems so mature, it can’t be forgotten that  she is a child and these experiences will shape the rest of her life.  I fear that the pressure of trying to succeed at the highest level against boys is a tough task.  All the teams are out to get her now, so it will be interesting to see how she does.

It is an amazing accomplishment for anyone, never mind a girl, to pitch like Davis did at Williamsport, but in giving her credit, maybe a bigger point was missed.  Major League Baseball (MLB) has been trying to find ways to reconnect with minority youth and bring them back to the game of baseball.  The RBI program, reviving baseball in inner cities, has been around a while, but the participation numbers of minorities from USA urban areas has not increased.

At some point we have to realize that times are changing, and baseball may not have the cultural significance than it used to have.   It was America’s past time in the 1900s, but does that have any impact on the new century? Boxing used to be culturally significant with champions like Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, and even Mike Tyson, but it has been an after thought for years.  Floyd Mayweather still makes his money, but he is the last money-maker, and after him the sport will go away.

Horse racing is another sport that reportedly used to matter, but as we began to recognize animal cruelty, the sport became less popular.   As we evolve as a society, some of the games that we used to play seem obsolete, and that may be the case with baseball.  If baseball was making a comeback then Mo’ne Davis’ success could hurt whatever momentum that has been generated because it is hard to imagine little boys wanting to play a game where they could be embarrassed by a girl.


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Mo’Ne Davis finished up 2 Hitter at LLWS



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