NFL Baltimore Ravens Aren’t Moral…They Are Phonies

TMZ released the video of Ray Rice punching his fiancé, and now the Baltimore Ravens terminated his contract, and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.  It seems phony to take a stand now because the Ravens and NFL both stood by Rice throughout this whole process.  That is until the heat got too hot, then he was on his own.

The Baltimore Ravens terminated the contract of Rice, and the NFL suspended him indefinitely after the video broke.  Both the NFL and the Ravens say that neither saw the new video bfore, but that seems like a lie and it is still no excuse.  The bottom line is that even in the old video  she was unconscious.  How did they think she lost consciousness?

The Ravens weren’t making any stance against domestic violence by cutting ties with Rice, they were saving face.  The Rabens handled this situation completely wrong.  First they had an awkward press conference with Rice and his wife, Janay Palmer, and then they tweeted that she apologized for her role in the incident as if it was all her fault.

The NFL isn’t any better because in hindsight, Roger Goodell’s epiphany that he dropped the ball in Ray Rice’s suspension may have come because he knew this video was coming out.  It just looks suspicious the timing of everything.  Then Goodell says that the NFL never saw the video.  NFL Security is slacking because when Michael Vick and Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones were getting suspended, NFL Security had more information than the police.  This whole situation stinks.  The NFL culture it seems is like an onion, we keep peeling back layers, and what we find is making us cry.


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