Miley Cyrus is No Surprise…That’s How Disney Does It


The World was outraged by the Miley Cyrus performance at the 2013 VMA’s, but we shouldn’t be surprised.  Is this really any different than Lindsey Lohan? or Brittney Spears? Coincidentally, or not, all of these women grew up working for Disney, so after Spears, Lohan, and other former Disney child stars spiraled out of control, this was predictable.  The more surprising part is that it took this long.  Plus there is a possibility that the Miley Cyrus situation is just a premeditated stunt to embarrass her father, rather than a life spiraled out of control as in the cases of Spears and Lohan.  That being said this could be the beginning point for Miley Cyrus’ free fall, but only time can tell that.

Miley’s parents are divorcing, and parents divorcing is a traumatic experience for any child.  It will make them do things outside of their character.  Miley was in the news recently because she tweeted an ultimatum to her father to tell the truth or she would, which leads me to believe that the VMA performance was more to humiliate him.

Nothing hurts a man more than seeing his daughter like that on national television whether its her wishes or not.  There were reports that the performance was because of a fight she had with her ex-fiance Liam Nelson, but her father’s reaction confirmed in my opinion that this was something to get a rise out of him.  How is it possible that Billy Ray Cyrus has no reaction to that? He was the only person who didn’t which leads me to believe that he knows something that the rest of us don’t .

Watch Miley Cyrus 2013 VMA Performance



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