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The Black Atlantic‘ is the first episode in a PBS documentary The African-Americans: Many Rivers to Cross by  Henry Louis Gates, Jr., where he explores African-American history over the last 5 centuries.  In episode 1, ‘The Black Atlantic,’ we learn how the slave trade spread in America.  The documentary stated  that slavery didn’t start in the rigid form like we know it with the violence and abuse.  Originally it was a more informal arrangement.  That is interesting because it is like the at-will employment that we have in Florida today.  Maybe we should be careful before we end up in a similar predicament.

It will probably be surprising to some to find that Africans benefited from the slave trade, but it was naïve to think that Whites just went into Africa and stole people without any help from the residents.  This is a very informative documentary.  This documentary is a good thing because ironically, people are more likely to accept something as truth if it is on television, when in reality nothing on television is real.  The African-Americans: Many Rivers to Cross airs on PBS Tuesdays 8pm-9pm EST between October 22 – November 26.

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African-Americans Many Rivers to Cross

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