Ray Allen Didn’t Owe Boston Celtics S#%t

Ray Allen is getting a bad rap from the fans for leaving the Boston Celtics and signing with the Miami Heat.  But the Celtics didn’t respect his status in the NBA and pushed him out the door.  He signed for less money to go somewhere he wasw appreciated, but for some reason the narrative is that he betrayed the Celtics, which is incorrect.

Ray Allen has followed Lebron James’ lead and joined the Miami Heat.  Much like Lebron, Allen took less money to chase the title with the Heat, which should be commended, but people are criticizing him.  I guess he was supposed to be happy Boston wanted to pay him to ride off into the sunset quietly.

The Celtics obviously didn’t want Allen to return otherwise they would have tried to take care of him right after they knew Kevin Garnett was coming back, but instead they first wanted to reach a deal with Jason Terry, who plays the same position as Ray.  The Celtics got what they wanted in my opinion, and their fans need to calm down and look at the facts.

The Celtics offered more money than the Heat could, but they only offered 2 years.  That may seem suitable for a player of his age, but shooters can last longer than most, and  Kevin Garnett got 3 years.  There is no way KG has 3 full seasons left.  It could be questioned  whether Garnett has a full 82 game season left, but based on what he’s done that contract could be justified.

But 4 years and $40 million for Jeff Green, who missed the season because of heart surgery,  whose departure coincided with the Oklahoma City Thunder getting better, and who was horrible in his only year with the Celtics. But the Green contract wasn’t the most disrespectful thing done to Ray Allen.  The most disrespectful thing was that they wanted him to give up his starting job to Avery Bradley.

Who is Avery Bradley? Avery Bradley is a 6’2″ point guard that the Celtics are trying to convert into a shooting guard, but who can’t shoot.  What sense does it make to start 2 non-shooters in your back court with Bradley and Rajon Rondo?

No one wants to admit that even when Ray Allen wasn’t shooting well, he would still keep the floor spread because defenses still had to respect his shooting ability.  The Celtics obviously didn’t take that into account, and even though they have signed all these new players, they will realize how important Ray was when the season starts.

Ray Allen did the only thing he could do because the Celtics didn’t want him.  I think the fans are upset that he went to the Heat and will probably come back to haunt the Celtics, but if they want to get mad they need to be mad at their own front office for the way they disrespected the all time 3 point leader and future Hall of Famer.



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