Riley Cooper Shows NFL and World His True Colors


Riley Cooper, the Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver and former Florida Gator, let the cat out of the bag and it may cost him his NFL career.   Cooper was on video saying that he would jump the fence and go and fight every… (racial slur)  that was at the Kenny Chesney concert.   Maybe he could survive on another team, but not the Eagles, and not in Philadelphia.

Wonder how Cooper really feels bout that (racial slur ) quarterback of his, Michael Vick? The serious tone and expression is whats most troubling because there was nothing joking about it.  Although it was a very short video, every action in the short video indicated he is a racist.  With the N-word with the er ending referenced, there is no question of intent.  It’s amazing that Cooper has survived this far in football because he obviously has a problem with minorities and he has been sitting behind them his entire football career.

Cooper has issued the mandatory apology to see what he can salvage, but the cat is out of the bag.  Everyone knows his true racist colors and even if his teammates forgive him, he will be a target for other teams, and as a wide receiver he will be vulnerable.  It will be interesting to see the Cooper punishment, or if Cooper stays with the roster.  People will think that it’s just a word, but it isn’t.  This was a peak into how Riley Cooper is as a person, his mentality.  It’s not like he has production on the field to fall back on, so what’s really the point of having him on the team.  Not to condemn him for his views, but how can he be true to himself and continue to play second fiddle to a bunch of (racial slur)?




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