Roger Federer Unveils New Air Jordan Style Sneakers

Michael Jordan was in attendance at the US Open to watch Roger Federer as he debuted his new sneakers, the Nike Court Zoom Vapor AJ3, inspired by the Air Jordan  3.  The Air Jordan 3 is arguably the best Jordan ever made so it was known that this shoe was going to be a hit when it was conceived.  But Air Jordan is more than a sneaker, it’s a mentality, a mentality that you are the best and you can prove it.  That mentality could push Federer to another major, and back into the minds of urban culture.

Michael Jordan & Roger Federer Sit Down


It is no secret that Federer says that Michael Jordan is his hero in all sports, so meeting him in itself would be inspiring.  But to just wear Jordans, it has to be inspiring, because Jordan only associates with the best.  Federer has admitted to confidence issues after the 2013 US Open, so Jordan’s presence can’t be discounted.  No pressure, but can you imagine the  promotional campaigns if he wins in his Air Jordans?

The inspirational side of things is just one factor, but logically, if Federer had no inspiration, he should still be the favorite because Raphael Nadal isn’t there, Novak Djokovic is focused on family, and Andy Murray hasn’t been the same since back surgery.   That alone means he should be the favorite, but this mental edge could translate into him steam rolling the competition.







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