Ronda Rousey Not Over UFC Losses

Ronda Rousey is now with WWE, so she is back in the spotlight.  One would assume that she had sufficient time to recover emotionally from her UFC losses, but that is not the case.  While doing promotional interviews at ESPN for Wrestlemania 34, she became stand-offish whenever her MMA career was even mentioned.


Ronda Rousey on ESPN

Ronda Rousey has led a charmed life.  She rose from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most recognizable athletes in the world.  She rose to prominence in a dangerous sport, but she escaped with her health.  Connor McGregor summed up the MMA experience in his tweet: “Get in. Get rich. Get out.”  Ronda did that, but for some reason she is still mad.

Rousey is making herself look bad by having an attitude about answering questions about her MMA career.  When she was on top, she was feeling herself.  She called out Floyd Mayweather during the ESPYs.  Over the years, she continually needled Cyborg.

But as soon as she fell off her high horse she ran and hid.  If you dish it out, people expect you to take it.  She has been given plenty of time.  The questions are not going away. At some point she has to address her past so she can move forward.  WWE signed her for her mainstream appeal. She is going to be doing more press.  So she can’t escape the questions

The longer she says nothing the worse and worse it will get.  Also she is giving credence to the negative perceptions of her.  Miesha Tate has always had a problem with Rousey, even if she appreciates what Rousey’s status has done for her.  It seemed like jealousy, but in hind-sight, Tate had a point.

Miesha Tate didn’t feel like Rousey didn’t pay her dues.  The pioneers of the sports were fighting before there was a hope of finanacial success.  All they had was the love.  Rousey came after there was some buzz around the sport.

Rousey helped take the sport to the next level.  But was portrayed as the pioneer of the women’s mixed martial arts movement.  Rousey took the sport mainstream.  Rousey was the face that brought in the money.  But some feel she took from the sport more than she gave.

Rousey’s credentials as a fighter can be debated.  She may not have started the women’s MMA movement, but she led it to the next level.  Rousey should be proud of that.  She lost a couple fights, but she won at life.  Other fighters would trade positions with her in heartbeat

By being difficult during interviews, Rousey is cutting off her nose to spite her face.  She is where she is because people like her.  Why come across as unlikable in interviews?  She needs to embrace her ability to connect with the people.  She needs to be open instead of so defensive.

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