Should We Write Off Tiger Woods Ruling Golf Again?


Tiger Woods’ under whelming performance in  golf’s majors continued as his winless streak reached 18 majors.  Not only did he not win, but he was never in contention.  This comes on the heels of a 7 shot win the week before, so many are disappointed.  After blowing away the field, people were hopeful that the old Tiger was back.  They want the old Tiger they need the old  Tiger, so when he let them down in their eyes they turned on him.  Today Tiger is a bum and he will never win again, but is that logical or just emotion from disappointed fans.

Tiger is held to a different standard because of his previous success, and he is held to the standard of the greatest ever.  That being said he did win 5 times this year.  People will point to the fact that he didn’t win any majors, but you have to crawl before you can walk.  He wasn’t winning as consistently last year, so it is still a step in the right direction.  Plus people seem to forget that Tiger has been injured and that is not even considering the infamous car accident.  Tiger had re-evaluate everything in his life, and golf is a mental game, so it is no wonder that he has struggled to regain his form.  But that doesn’t mean he can’t get it back.  He has to find that balance where he can have a killer instinct on the course, but still lead a healthy life off the course.  We are used to Tiger dominating, so its hard to see him struggle, and it seems like the sky is falling.  What people fail to realize is that he doesn’t need to be the old Tiger again, he just needs to play decent in majors.  The first one is the hardest and the new Tiger just needs to get that first one and the floodgates will open.  Maybe this is a motivational tool to get Tiger to work even harder this off season because golf needs Tiger more than Tiger needs golf, but whatever the reason it’s still too early to write Tiger off in majors.


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