Tensions Rise in Ferguson, MO After Michael Brown Shooting

Tensions are still high in Ferguson Missouri after the Michael Brown shooting on August 9th.  Brown was an unarmed African-American teenager shot by the police, so the case is similar to the Florida case of Trayvonne Martin.  Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, got off, so the Brown case is even more emotionally charged because African-Americans  remember that there was no justice for Martin, and they want to insure that there is justice for Brown.

Due to that fact, people wanted answers immediately, but the police were going to follow protocol, which made it seem live another cover-up conspiracy, so a conflict arose.  There were peaceful protests and marches, but there was also looting and death threats, so Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, recently imposed a midnight to 5am curfew.   The first night went well with only 7 arrests, but this is not going to go away.  At some point some one will have to take responsibility, or there will probably be more violence.

It’s sad that in this day and age that this type of incident still happens because it indicates lack of evolution as a people.  It’s no conspiracy, it is  racism.  Both Michael Brown and Trayvonne Martin were killed because a Caucasian men let stereo-types control their actions.  Caucasians seem to fear minorities in general, and they seem to view every minority as a threat, so all cross-cultural interactions are colored by that fear.

That is why the ‘feared for my life defense‘ gets so much support in the Caucasian community.  The irony is that the Caucasian’s fear forces  the minority to respond in fear, and that is why these interactions seem to go so terribly wrong.  But this will continue to happen until we all evolve enough to conquer our fears and address our differences.


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