Tokyo Awarded 2020 Olympics

Japan was awarded to 2020 Olympics despite their recent natual disaster and the concerns over radiation.  But due to the cost of putting on the Olympics, it is questionable how much other countries really want the event. 

The International Olympic Committee decided to award the 2020 Olympics to Tokyo.  Apparently the Tokyo Delegation was able to alleviate health concerns over the post-tsunami Fukushima nuclear catastrophe because Japan’s Prime Minister assured the committee that there have not been nor will there be any health concerns.

Japanese leadership all along has down played the disaster, but there wasn’t much of a choice when the other two finalists were Madrid and Istanbul.  Madrid is in the midst of an economic crisis and their race relations are questionable, and Istanbul is a Muslim country located in a volatile region.

With those three cities as a finalist it begs the question of whether other countries really wanted it.  The selection of Tokyo  is especially peculiar because CNN recently released a report that the nuclear levels of the toxic water tanks at Japan’s Fukushima plant had risen over the previous days, insinuating that after 2 years the situation is getting worse not better.

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that Japan has problems because these tanks have been damaged for over 2 years without being fixed, so it would be naive to think that nothing leaked over that time.  It will be interesting to hear the athletes’ reaction to the Olympics being in Tokyo.



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