Will the NCAA Penn State Scandal Ever Go Away?


The Penn State scandal is back in the news as Joe Paterno’s family commissioned a report that surprisingly contradicts Louis Freeh’s report, which the NCAA used to punish the Penn State University college football team.  This new report seems to suggest that Joe Paterno didn’t know about Jerry Sandusky‘s abusive ways until 2001, like that changes something. Are we supposed to take this report seriously? If the Paterno family paid for it then of course it paints Joe in a good light.  Would they have paid for it if it didn’t?

The bottom line is whenever he knew, he turned his head like everyone else.  The only difference is that Sandusky was HIS hand-picked successor, so he should have known him better than anyone.  Since he vouched for the child molester in, he bears a greater level of responsibility   The Paterno family seems bitter over the sanctions levied, which they considered harsh.  Personally, I do not agree because the football team was severely punished, but the school was not.  Child molestation at a university could lead to that school losing accreditation, which would mean no federal funding and the school would effectively be destroyed.

In my opinion the school knew they were getting off easy, which is why they just sacrificed the football team.  It is ironic that vehement defense of Joe Paterno still by his supporters shows that he was more powerful than a normal man and had a greater responsibility in this instance.   Penn State apologists need to move on and be glad that it wasn’t worse. The sanctions aren’t even really hurting their team because players have used this a rallying point and the publicity is getting them better recruits.  So I don’t want to hear about innocents being hurt by the sanctions to the football program, when they have obviously forgot about the innocence stolen from children in their football complex.

Attorney Ken Rothweiler comments on Paterno Family Report



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