Is Chris Tang the Next Big Thing?

Chris Tang-  On the Road to Big Things?

Chris Tang is a junior guard at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia.  He is a 6’3″ combo guard, whose life changed after Linsanity.  Tang is Chinese, so after Linsanity he was constantly compared to Jeremy Lin.

Tang is a different type of player as he is more athletic, and he would rather be compared to a Dwayne Wade.  Tang is more influenced by Yao Ming, which is why I think we will start to see an influx of Asian players in the NBA in the coming years.  This generation of Asian players has grown up watching the NBA because of Yao, plus NBA players go over there every chance they get because they want to build their global brand, but in the process they are also sharing knowledge.

So these Asian children have the blue print, and they are no stranger to hard work so sky is the limit.  Chris Tang may or may not turn out to be an NBA star, but he will be a key figure in the Asian basketball movement at the very least because he showed them another way by coming to America and succeeding.

Jason Kidd Helps New York Knicks become NBA Title Contenders


Jason Kidd and the New York Knicks are one of the surprise teams in the league, so much so that many think they are contenders for an NBA title. Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith have been getting the bulk of the credit because they are putting up outstanding numbers, but don’t underestimate the contributions of Jason Kidd.

Kidd will be 40 years old in March, but he is still going strong.  Kidd’s game has never been predicated on numbers because he never needed great numbers to justify himself as a player.  The fact that he doesn’t seem to worry about numbers is why he is over looked when we talk about the best point guards and players of all time.  But ESPN’s NBA analyst Tim Legler had a great point about the Knicks early season success, which made me more of a believer in the Knicks.

Legler said that the Knicks got all of those veteran players because they had to have players with a pedigree to get Carmelo and JR Smith to listen.  Jason Kidd and Rasheed Wallace have a ring and Kurt Thomas is a New York legend.  Think about it, how can you not pass the ball when you are on a team with Jason Kidd? or who wants to deal with Rasheed Wallace after he was wide open and you didn’t pass him the ball?

Turning around a team’s culture is nothing new to Jason Kidd.  He made New Jersey relevant, so that speaks for itself.  After he left they gave up hope of ever being a winner there and eventually moved the team.  Jason Kidd deciding to leave Dallas was so upsetting to owner Mark Cuban that he publicly ripped Kidd because Cuban knew at that point his team became irrelevant.  Kidd is never mentioned when we talk about the best players in the league, but his impact is no less large than anyone else.  Remember players recruited him for the 2008 Olympic Basketball team to help them win back the gold.  The players know how valuable he is, and its time the world learned as well.  Jason Kidd is All-Time great, and he is more responsible for the Knicks success than you may think.

Jason Kidd New York Knicks Highlights



Los Angeles Must Love MLB


The city of Los Angeles doesn’t have a football team, so it seems that they are all in on baseball.  The Los Angeles Dodgers got a new ownership group and then proceeded to trade for Hanley Ramirez, Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez, and Carl Crawford, who combined are owed over $250 million, but they still didn’t make the playoffs.  Then this off-season the Dodgers signed Zack Greinke, the top free agent pitcher to a 6 year $147 million contract according to LA times. That is crazy,  but what is crazier is that the other team in Los Angeles, the Angels,  are spending even more.


In a tit-for-tat the Los Angeles Angels signed Josh Hamilton to a 5 year $125 million contract.  Keep in mind, last year they signed Albert Pujols, so now they have a line up that features Hamilton, Pujols, and rookie MVP runner-up Mike Trout.  The Angels have a bloated payroll, and they haven’t even paid their best player last year, Mike Trout, because he’s only 20 and still on his first deal.  With the Yankees and Red Sox in cost saving mode, but the Dodgers and Angels are bringing the spending battle to LA.  Does anyone see the irony that historically the 2 biggest spenders are being conservative, while the new ownership groups in LA are spending uncontrollably? The Angels and Dodgers are both spending lots of money trying to buy a title, but it’s been proven that most of the time that doesn’t work.

The Angels should know better because they won their title with lesser known players.  It’s ironic that two other California team the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants, who don’t spend as much, both had better seasons than the LA teams with the Giants winning their 2nd World Series in 3 years.  Time will tell if this will work out for either of the LA baseball teams, but I just hope this isn’t a Florida Marlins situation where they sign players to deals to win a title then have to trade them a year later for prospects because they can’t pay them.  I am especially concerned for the Dodgers because Magic Johnson is the figure-head of that ownership group, and if anything goes wrong it’s his reputation on the line, whether its his fault or not.  But he is a savvy business man, so I am sure he knows that.  The city of Los Angeles must really love baseball because there are a billion dollars worth of baseball players walking around it.


NBA Orlando Magic GM is Smarter than We Thought


About a quarter of the way through the season the Orlando Magic have been better than expected.  They are losing games, but they are more competitive than people thought.  In contrast Dwight Howard is struggling with the Lakers as are all of the other major components of the Dwight Howard trade.  Andre Iguodala isn’t living up to the hype in Denver.  Right now they aren’t as good as last year, and Iguodala isn’t as good as Aaron Affalo.  But at least Iguodala is playing,  Andrew Bynum doesn’t seem to want to play.  The Magic could’ve been stuck with either one, but Magic GM Rob Hennigan had the wherewithal to see the future, instead of just looking at the short-term.

People ridiculed Magic General Manager Rob Hennigan when the trade went down.  Since he is the youngest GM in the league, many thought he was the sucker of the deal.  They thought he didn’t get enough for Dwight Howard by getting low first round picks, young players, and clearing cap space.  In hindsight the offers probably weren’t as good as we thought because the other teams had to have an idea that Dwight was going to take time before he could be the player he was.  The Magic have a bright future, especially considering that Hennigan seems to very good at evaluating talent, which means they should get contributors with those low first round picks.  Considering that both Hennigan and Magic Coach Jacque Vaughn come from the San Antonio Spur organization this is just further proof that they know something the rest of the league doesn’t in San Antonio.


Brandon Marshall ESPN E:60 – Border Line


Brandon Marshall is doing a great thing by telling his story because he is not the only one in the NFL is battling mental health conditions.   It is  difficult to speak on mental health issues because people aren’t as sympathetic.  For that I commend Brandon Marshall, but as more and more stories about some of the things that NFL players do comes out, I think we definitely need to study the mental side of things because it seems like these guys can’t stop themselves from doing the wrong thing.

This conversation  needs to happen because there is something different going on in football players heads.  The league is trying to make the game safer by legislating out big hits, but the damage happens well before they make it to the NFL.  Unfortunately there is not much information of the impact of head trauma on quality of life, which is why it makes what Brandon Marshall is doing what he is doing that much more significant.  Since there is so much we don’t know, NFL players need to learn how to cope.


Brandon Marshall ESPN E:60 – Borderline



No Doubt This Time…Pacquiao Knocked Down by Marquez

Marquez was not playing.  He said what he wanted to do and it happened, Pacquiao knocked down by Marquez. Pacquiao seemed in control, but it just takes one good punch.  Marquez caught Pacquiao with one good punch, and knocked him out cold.

It just goes to show that if you get hit in the right place, anyone can go down.  It’s not surprising because this is the fourth time fighting, and although I think Pacquiao is better, he is not that much better that he could beat him 4 times in a row obviously.  Congratulations to Marquez, but its bitter sweet because I wonder what this means for the sport of boxing?

After this defeat, does anyone still even want to see Pacquiao fight Mayweather? The sad part is there don’t appear to be many new fighters on the horizon.  Fighters used to start to make their name in the Olympics, but with the sport of boxing in the Olympics being so corrupt, lately those fighters are cheated out of their time to shine by winning a medal on the world stage.  I fear the sweet science of boxing will soon be a lost art,  to be replaced by the savagery of mixed martial arts.

Lionel Messi: The World’s Greatest Player [FULL EPISODE]


Take a look into the life of Lionel Messi, 25 year old football (soccer) phenom of Barcelona FC, and see why peers and fans alike consider him, “The World’s Greatest Player.”

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Lionel Messi – The World’s Greatest Player

Lionel Messi: World’s Greatest Player by football-stories


Bo Jackson ESPN 30 for 30: You Don’t Know Bo


ESPN’s “30 for 30” focused on the career exploits of Bo Jackson.  Jackson was a Heisman Trophy winner, an All Star baseball player, and a Pro Bowl football player.  The things that Bo Jackson did on the field defied belief.  Bo was a natural athlete.  He would go play football when baseball was over.  How many other athletes in any sport can just go walk into another professional sport? It’s a shame that his career was cut short by injury or who knows what he would have been able to accomplish in football and baseball.

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Bo Jackson Documentary – You Don’t Know Bo



Chad Johnson on ESPN First Take


Chad Johnson was understandably very humble on ESPN’s  “First Take“.   He repeatedly apologized about the domestic violence situation, and stated that he lost his way, which is why all of this happened.  He says he is at peace with himself even if he never returns to the NFL, which I hope is true because he probably won’t be returning to the NFL.

Chad Johnson on ESPN First Take