Will Hatred of Ray Lewis Affect the Superbowl??

Ray Lewis is a very polarizing figure because of his past.  There are some things that people will over look, but a murder isn’t one of them.  It’s been 13 years, but some will never forgive Ray Lewis for whatever his role was in the murder of 2 men in January of 2000.

ESPN First Take on Wes Welker wife’s comments about Ray Lewis

I don’t think Wes Walker’s wife was alone in her assessment of Ray Lewis questioning if he was a role model, which is why I am not surprised that Sports Illustrated article linking Lewis to deer antler spray came out now.  Obviously there are a lot of people who want to bring him down because that was obviously the point with the timing of the article.  It seems that the media wanted to run with Ray Lewis’ supposed involvement, but from the tone of the article it seems that these products are popular with a number of athletes and teams, so why single out Ray?

But it’s not like this is new to Lewis considering last time his team  was at the Superbowl he had to answer questions about a murder, but I wonder if it will be different in his last game.  Before he was young and probably thought he would have other  chances, but this is his last game either way.  How will he respond, or better yet how will the team respond, considering he has been their inspiration during this playoff run.   The beginning of the game will tell the story in my opinion because I am not sure if the Baltimore Ravens will have another comeback in them if they get down early.


Lance Armstrong Confesses PED Use – Oprah Interview Part 1


I trust Lance Armstrong about as far as I can throw him because he is a very convincing liar.  He had us all fooled for over 10 years adamantly denying his performance enhancing drug use, and taking it as far as destroying the livelihood of anyone who dared to suggest that he may be using performance enhancing drugs.



That’s what makes it so puzzling on why he would come ‘clean’ now.  It’s not like his reputation can be repaired, and this confession is going to cost him more than he could possibly gain by it.  There must have been a smoking gun because after denying the allegations that long, why else would he tell the truth?

I’m not sure what the point was in all of this because we didn’t really learn anything new.  It seemed like Lance wanted to control the story and somewhat justify his actions in the court of public opinion.  He wanted to talk about how he thought the sport was corrupt, in an attempt to justify why he doped, and he didn’t seem emotional at all which was surprising.  There were perfect opportunities for him to shed a tear to make himself seem more believable, but he didn’t which still makes me question his authenticity.

If he was truly repentant, he would see the error of his ways and be more emotional about the way he acted.  Part 1 concentrated more on the drug use which isn’t really the problem, but hopefully in the future parts he will address more the wrong that he has done to those that have dared oppose him because without that this is just an attempt for attention instead of redemption.


60 Minutes on Barcelona FC [Documentary]

60 Minutes‘ went behinds the scenes of what some consider the best sports franchise in the world, Barcelona FC.  Barcelona has an infrastructure in place where they identify prospects as young as 8 years old and develop them.  It’s really brilliant when you think about it because by developing the talent it breeds familiarity between players, saves on payroll, and allows you to stay dominant due to a steady flow of new talent.

It is easy in theory, but if it was that easy every one could do it.  Other clubs can’t match the success that Barcelona has achieved over the years, so there is some skill involved.  It’s easy for clubs to find players, but are they the right players.  Barcelona seems to have a knack to find players that fit in with their homegrown talent.  That is why they are one of the premier soccer clubs in the world.

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Barcelona FC on 60 Minutes


Could the Los Angeles Lakers Trade Kobe Bryant?


Just when you thought that it couldn’t get worse, it did for the Los Angeles Lakers. First reports surfaced that Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant had a heated exchange after the New Year’s Day loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.  Everyone involved is trivializing the situation, but I can’t imagine that Kobe is a happy camper being below .500.

Then there was the news that Dwight Howard has a torn rotator cuff and will miss at least a week, while Pau Gasol is out indefinitely with a concussion. There are problems in Laker land and Dwight’s history in Orlando makes you question what is going on behind the scenes because the Lakers HAVE to get him to stay.

Between Howard and Nash trades the Lakers aren’t going to have draft picks for a long time, so they need a young building block for the future.  Which brings up the question of whether the Lakers would trade Kobe because Dwight is the future supposedly. If the reports are true then this is shaping up like a Kobe/Shaq situation, where one of them will have to go. Which one could it be? One would think that the goodwill Kobe has built over time would mean that he would stay, but the current Laker brain trust doesn’t seem to care about the past, or they would have brought back Phil Jackson.

The irony of this situation is that Phil Jackson is the master of blending personalities, but since they didn’t hire him now they are not only losing games, but they risk losing a franchise icon or the future franchise building block as well. This is turning into a sad demise for a once proud franchise. The way that it’s looking, they may not make the playoffs. If the Lakers don’t make the playoffs, changes are coming and you don’t know what could happen, including Kobe being traded. The next couple of weeks will tell the story because the Lakers’ schedule gets tougher, and if they keep losing then they could be out of it early. If that happens no one is safe, and expect the Lakers to make some major moves.  But lately all the moves they are making are the wrong ones.


Can Dwayne Johnson Save WWE?

Dwayne Johnson also known as ‘The Rock’ in wrestling circles will be returning to WWE Monday January 7, on a more active basis, and I wonder if he can save the franchise, so to speak.  Personally, I grew up on wrestling, which is why the deterioration of the wrestling product is sad in a sense.
It had to be this way because this is a byproduct of cleaning up the performance enhancing drug use, but if you used to watch wrestling in the 90’s then you can’t watch it now.  It isn’t as violent, and the stars today have no personality, and therefore the impact of the sport has decreased significantly.

In wrestling’s glory days there were 2 major promotions, WWE ( formerly known as WWF) and WCW (formerly known as NWA), and they were led by two megastars.  Hulk Hogan led WWE , and Ric Flair, the man that Lebron James recently said invented swag, led WCW, but there were many other stars.  Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage, Shawn Michaels, Brett Hart, Kevin Nash, Undertaker, Steve Austin,and Triple H were just a few of the stars that wrestling has spawned over the years.  But that was a different time, a time when wrestling was a part of ‘pop’ culture.  It will never be like that again, but can ‘The Rock’ bring it back some measure of respect?



It’s amazing to think that ‘The Rock’ could be the savior of wrestling considering his beginning.  When he made his debut the crowds didn’t respond to him, and he had to start as a bad guy to develop his character to where it is today.  His style and charisma was evident from day one, but no one could have predicted the success that he has had outside of the ring.  Dwayne Johnson is bigger than wrestling, but wrestling is the family business.  His father and grandfather were wrestlers, so it isn’t a surprise to see him back.  Let’s just hope that it isn’t too late and he can inject some life into a business that’s dying.


Ray Lewis to Retire from Baltimore Ravens


Ray Lewis announced that this will be his last year, and he will be retiring at the end of the season.  Ray Lewis defines a stand up guy on the field and off.  People have different views on his situation, but when the pressure was on he stood by his boys.

Many people didn’t like it at the time, but Ray didn’t sacrifice his boy to save himself.  He was loolayers want to follow.  When announcing his retirement, he made sure that he told his teammates first because he says he always played for that brotherhood not any individual awards.  Lewis is a man of honor and respect, so much so that his reason for retirement was to spend more time helping his son, who will be attending the University of Miami next year on a football scholarship.   Ray Lewis is one of the all time great men not just football players.  Ray’s absence will leave a void in the NFL, but this isn’t the end it’s just the start of a new chapter, and I am sure he will be as great in the next chapter of his life.

Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens Highlights