Steve Smith ESPN E:60 Interview


New Baltimore Ravens wide receiver, Steve Smith has had to play on the edge to survive in the NFL as a 5’9″ receiver.  But Smith’s rage may know no bounds as he has got into 3 different altercations with teammatesE:60 took a deeper look into Steve Smith’s history and spoke to Smith about his take on those altercations.  Smith didn’t say much on the subject, but his look when asked the questions said it all.

This just gives another glimpse into the world of a NFL player, and yes their world is much different than ours.  There  is a rage inside them that every NFL player has in order to survive.  Instincts tell us to avoid collisions, but they run toward them, so they are a different breed.  It’s like the incredible hulk, players balance the fine line of controlling an anger that can turn them into something else.  Steve Smith isn’t the only one that struggles with that balance, but at least he can speak on it.

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E:60 – Steve Smith Interview



Larry Bird Documentary by ESPN SportsCentury

The Larry Bird documentary tells the rags to riches story of Larry Bird, the current President of the Indiana Pacers, and the face of Indiana Basketball.  Bird’s career accomplishments are the reason that the Pacers believe they can be champions.  As time passes it’s easy to forget how some of the all time greats earned their status.

Bird carried Indiana State to a perfect record and  the National Championship game where they lost to Magic Johnson and the Michigan State Spartans.  Bird then revived the floundering Boston Celtics franchise, spearheading a remarkable 32 game turnaround in his rookie season.  Then when you factor in his drinking stories, he is Larry Legend because he always does legendary things.

Larry Bird Documentary by ESPN SportsCentury

Was Augusta Showing Their Racist Colors Penalizing Tianlang Guan?

Augusta National, the home of The Masters Golf Tournament, had seemed to repair their racist image over the years after they finally relented and admitted their first female members last year.  But a leopard doesn’t change his spots, and there was a hint of racism in the decision to penalize 14 year old Chinese golfer, Tianlang Guan, a stroke for slow play.  In the end everything worked out because Guan still made the cut by virtue of being within 10 shots of the lead, but it was closer than it should have been.  To think that this 14 year old was almost cheated out of his accomplishment.  Some will say rules are rules, but rules can also be manipulated.  Were they checking everyone that closely? The essence of the rule is not to speed up the game when there are adverse conditions.  He was basically penalized for not hitting while the wind was blowing, which shows someone didn’t want him to make the cut.  Its not like this will matter to Guan because Chinese athletes have a different type of demeanor and work ethic, which is what scares certain people.  Change is coming but not everyone is ready for it. Continue reading “Was Augusta Showing Their Racist Colors Penalizing Tianlang Guan?”