Victor Cruz – GQ+A Season 1 Episode 5

In this  episode Victor Cruz GQ+A season 1 episode 5, Victor’s stylist, and GQ editor Michael Hainey discuss how to look like an all star.  The moral to this episode is that its all about the fit.  Victor’s stylist says that your tailor should be as important as your barber.  Enjoy Victor Cruz in GQ+A season 1 episode 5.

Victor Cruz GQ+A season 1 episode 5

Immortal Technique Drops Knowledge

Hip Hop veteran and political activist, Immortal Technique, dropped knowledge on the Freemasons and slavery for VladTV.  It’s refreshing to see a hip hop artist try to use his platform to teach and share knowledge.  Hip Hop started as a way of teaching other neighborhoods about each other, so there was some substance.  That isn’t the case today as too many rappers seem to care about the money rather than the art. See Immortal Technique on VladTV speaking on the Freemasons and the origins of slavery

Immortal Technique Talks Slavery & Freemasons

If you aren’t familiar with Immortal Technique check out this short documentary “Who am I?”

 Who am I? 

Busta-Rhymes – Thank You (feat. Q-Tip, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne)

Busta Rhymes is back, and it’s like he never left.  Thank You features Q-Tip with cameos from Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West.  Bus-A-Bus still has that trademark flow, and he and Q-Tip went back and forth.  Reportedly the 2 will be dropping a mixtape called The Abstract and The Dragon next month.  Hopefully that will happen because judging off Thank You, they can still make good music.


Busta Rhymes – Thank You (Music Video)


“Thank You”

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Welcome to the bank, where you deposit Young Money
And and you get Cash Money
I’mTunechi, the boss, and live from the vault, isBusta Bus

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah! Yeah! Yo!

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Swagmania pop that goes most
Carry the most, beautiful bitches with us happily toast
Keep the faculty close, gross when we give ’em a dose
Got ’em OD’n leanin in each coast
Scenary froze, take notes rock most diamonds that fit us
Chanel minks in the winter who fuckin with us?!
We comin to give ’em the shivers watery flows spillin like rivers
Floodin the street hopin niggas is swimmers
Movin gorillas, King Kongs, Godzillas when we roll up
Seat fillin niggas get up when I show up

[Verse 2: Q-Tip]
Awww! Shit! Please don’t throw up, hold your liquor grow up
If you robbin niggas we ‘gon show you how to blow up
Thank you lucky stars it’s the rap czar tuck your shit in
My niggas bite like Rin Tin Tin the chagrin
You never win model thin walkin crack in your shin
She gives in every time that I spin
Square up bow down to the kings of the hall
We wave on talk shit while we ball, so what’s crackin with y’all?

[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes]
Native New Yorker the slick talker keep shit in order
Call the reporter steppin like British walkers
Legendary swagfluence see the influence, see how we do it
Get ’em into steadily got ’em God I’m stupid
So undisputed, act fool back tool ’til they pop off
Police crowd up the street blockin ’em off lockin ’em off
Got these niggas wildin while I signal my soldiers
Bossin it up, maintainin composure stand on the sofa
Thirty bottles twenty waitresses bring ’em over
See how we light up shit nigga call the promoter
And tell that nigga bring the bag better hurry up with it
Then count the money up proper ’cause you can get it!

[Chorus: Sample from “I Wanna Thank You” by Alicia Meyers (Kanye West)]
I wanna thank you (Yeah!) heavenly father (It feel good don’t it?!)
For shinin your light on me (It feel good don’t it?! Uh!)
I wanna thank you (Hey! I wanna let y’all know!) heavenly father
(Hey! Hey! I wanna let y’all know!)
For shinin your light on me (This Yeezy! And you listenin to Q-Tip!)

[Verse 4: Q-Tip]
Settle up stiletto up saddle up and let’s go
Good times only difference niggas makin it though
Chatter is up, peep the way we batter it up
On top of the mountain foldin the ladder up
You dead and done rip up your paper ’cause your status is none
Transfixed on the strengths of the page, whether chopper or gauge
Your just a single ’cause you wouldn’t engage
Turnt up with the script on the cup, you keep the goggles with us

[Verse 5: Busta Rhymes]
See how we push sometimes a man fi get kuff
Beat him in the head boop ba diddy baff, zippity boof
Beat him in the head again stop killin me wolf
WOP! Beat a nigga ’til he drop piggity poof
Ox see in mi pulse, he don’t want no problems with niggas
Fuck it let’s get the drinkin poison our livers
Damnit we sinners when me and Abstract together see we deliver
She got me touchin it fuckin on all my fingers
Damnit we winners, pillars of this rap shit homey they know
Kill e’rything ’til it’s time for me to go
That’s when I bomb it when I blow it and I black and get a little bit dummy
The microphone is bleedin you should take it from me!

[Verse 6: Q-Tip]
Incredibly we do it and to resonate the music
Itune it YouTube it it could never ever be refuted
It’s gnarly for niggas and naughty for ninas, bitches and ballerinas
Ballers and inbetweeners blatant non believers and overachievers
Kickin it in Pele Adidas drink gallons and liters
All of you must reconcile a leader
She beggin to eat us and her man’s attitude defeated
But never a scandal because me and Bus we prone to handle we gentlemen

[Verse 7: Busta Rhymes]
Not to mention we veterans, second we need some medicine
Before I black you should get off my premises
Better fly you pelican, idiot ass niggas
But then again you need a suit for your funeral measurements
See me doin it effortless it’s never gettin no better than this
Givin your shit that you miss a better preference
Watch me turn ’em to skeletons, see how I come to bring out the betterness
Time is with it I rep the foreverness
Flyin United Emirates, size private plane that kind of etiquette
Purchasin diamonds handle them delicate
Now you need you a better ref
You could peep us regulatin see we all in this bitch like we ain’t never left

[Chorus & Outro: Sample from “I Wanna Thank You” by Alicia Meyers]
I wanna thank you, heavenly father, for shinin your light on me
I wanna thank you, heavenly father, for shinin your light on me
I know, it couldn’t have happened, without you
Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Without youuuuuuuuu! Oooh Oooh Oooh!
Without youuuuuuuuu! Oooh Oooh Oooh!
Without youuuuuuuuu! Oooh Oooh Oooh!

E 60 Penny Hardaway (Free TV Online)

The E 60 Penny Hardaway story tells how a NBA star became the coach of an elementary school team.  Not that he does anything for recognition, but it was good to see that Hardaway be recognized for what he has been doing because his heart is in the right place.  This story was from over a year ago, so for ESPN to jump on it now he must still be coaching the team.  According to, Penny Hardaway has an estimated net worth of $40 million, so we know he has many business interests.  But he still takes the time to coach a middle school team, how many in the same position would do that?

E 60 Penny Hardaway

Are PEDs Really Bad for Sports?


The debate about performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) has been back in the news because Alex Rodriguez is fighting the 211 game suspension that Major League Baseball imposed on him without having a positive test. Many in the media condemned using performance enhancing drugs, while at the same time justifying them by saying how widespread the use is. In my opinion, when athletes get caught using PEDs, people are more upset that they were stupid enough to get caught instead of the fact that they were using.

With the science behind legal supplements, what is the difference? One is on a made of something from a made up legal drug list, and one isn’t, but they serve the same purpose. If you notice the players getting caught aren’t really big money players (A-Rod never got caught using), so they don’t have the doctors on deck to guide them on how to legally get the same effects from supplements that PEDs deliver. But should it even matter?

There is an old adage ‘If you ain’t cheating then you ain’t trying.’ So do we really care? Or would we rather have heroes to believe in; who we believe can do super human things? Lance Armstrong also never failed a drug test.  He later had to admit to using because of the lengths he went through to hide his use, including destroying the lives of people who tried to tell on him.  But Armstrong had brain and testicular cancer, so it was rather naïve of all of us to think he went through chemo, recovered, and was in the best shape of his life.  He was in such good shape that he was able to sit on his bike (after recovering from testicular cancer) and dominate a month bike ride through the mountains year after year.

The story sounds ridiculous when you look at it logically.  I have no problem with whatever he did because I feel like he did it to just get in the game so to speak. He had to take something just  to sit on a bike seat that long, and what is even a PED? Who makes the list to determine what is and isn’t legal?  Using an analogy, it’s just like marijuana, it’s considered illegal because the lawmakers get kickbacks from alcohol,prescription drug, and oil companies to keep it illegal even though the value to society as a whole is indisputable.

In sports even though a drugs may enhance the physical, it could impair the mental, so it wouldn’t be a net gain because split seconds matter at the highest level. It’s like when Oscar Pistoris’ artificial legs were considered an advantage, but common sense dictates that if it’s not robotic legs then no legs can NEVER be an advantage in a running race. The determinations of advantage are relative to a point because in a situation that is somewhat fair, it is what is inside you that makes the difference between winning and losing, even if one side has a perceived advantage.

It’s like the movie ‘A Few Good Men‘, we want them on that wall, and we need them on that wall. It gives us something to believe in, and gives hope to the possibility that if we work hard maybe one day we can be like them. But in our hearts we know the truth. We know that something is going on, but we don’t want to know the real truth. No one really wants the real truth to come out, which is why you very rarely see PED suspensions in other sports. I laugh when I hear that someone is a fast healer because that’s a code word for PEDs in some capacity to me. How are people coming back from what were yearlong injuries in 6 months or less now? Many times players take PEDs to recover from injuries, so I see it as good for the game.

For example, everyone is going to Germany for these knee surgeries. Supposedly they just spin the blood and inject it into the knee, or something. But if it’s that simple, why can’t it be done in the United States? There is SOME reason(s) why it isn’t done in the United States. But does it even matter what the surgery really is? I don’t question Kobe Bryant’s trips to Germany, I just want him back ASAP from that Achilles injury. To those whom much is given much is expected, so I appreciate those athletes going to whatever extent to get on the court and put on a good show. Sports are entertainment, so I compare PEDs to Hollywood entertainers having surgeries. They’re both not good for them, but it is something they have to do to keep working at a high-level. It is a price of that life, whether WE like it or not.


Conspiracy Theory or Truth? The Curse of the Israelites


“The Curse of the Israelites” is a documentary that attempts to explain the plight of ‘Black’ or urban culture. The premise of the documentary is that the ‘Blacks’ are the true Israelites, and the reason for their struggle in today’s society is because they violated their Covenant with God.  The documentary goes on to suggest that the urban struggle will continue until the ‘Blacks’ get right with God.  Whether or not you agree with the premise of the documentary, there is no denying that they made some good points and they fostered thought that some may expand on.  Why is it that African-Americans don’t know their past? Why are they the only race that hates each other? Why are they called ‘Black’ when they are brown? By the same contrast, why are Caucasians referred to as ‘White’ when they are pink.  Black is a negative term associated with darkness.  There are reasons to everything that happens, it may not necessarily be a conspiracy because today there is no need to hide it because people wouldn’t believe the truth because many lack the capacity to understand what is really going on.


Conspiracy Theory or Truth

The Curse of the Israelites” by Israylite Heritage Productions.


T-Pain feat B.O.B. – Up Down (Do This All Day)

T-Pain is back with his new hit single  Up Down (Do This All Day) featuring B.O.B.  T-Pain is showing boys how to use the autotune.  This song is different from even “similar” artists.  That comes across in the video, where it is a simple picnic concept, but it comes across as something much more.

T-Pain featuring B.O.B. Up Down (Do This All Day)


“Up Down (Do This All Day)”
(feat. B.o.B)

[Intro — T-Pain:]
Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh
“Mustard on the beat, ho!”[Chorus — T-Pain:]
I ain’t even know it (even know it) even know it (know it)
‘Til they call you to the stage (stage)
Then, you seen a nigga throw it (nigga throw it) th-throw it (throw it)
Throwing that ass for days
Booty going up, down
I ain’t got no problem spending all of my money
Trying to see what’s up, now
I can do this all day like it ain’t nothing, uhh

Black car (car) party in the back yard (back yard)
Shawty got the black bra showing (black bra showing)
Tatted up (up) ass fat enough (enough)
She a bad bitch and she already know it (yeah she know it)
Yeah she know it, yeah yeah she know it (yeah she know it)
She a bad bitch and she already know it (yeah she know it)
Yeah she know it, yeah yeah she know it (yeah she know it)
She gon’ make me spend some money on it (yeah she know it)
Whole bank account, I’ll blow it (I’ll blow it)
Go do a show then (do a show then) bring some mo’ in (bring some mo’ in)
Pockets bigger than a Samoan (than a Samoan)
I’m at the stage every time shawty go in
Shawty go in, sha-shawty go in
Booty hit the flo’ then (hit the flo’ then) slow motion (slow motion)
I’m so gone on Patron (tron)
I don’t know how I’m getting home later on like


Shawty thick (thick) thicker than a Snicker (Snicker)
Every time she do it it’s for me and my niggas (it’s for me and my niggas)
And her friend do it with her
She don’t even like girls but a stack’ll make her kiss her (gon’ kiss her)
Gon’ kiss her, gon’ gon’ kiss her (gon’ kiss her)
She don’t even like girls but a stack’ll make her kiss her (gon’ kiss her)
Gon’ kiss her, gon’ gon’ kiss her (gon’ kiss her)
She keep fucking around I’ma launch this missile (gon’ kiss her)
She make it drop then jiggle (then jiggle)
Put on a show then (on a show then) bring that dough in (bring that dough in)
Booty bigger than a Samoan (than a Samoan)
I’m at the stage every time shawty go in
Shawty go in, sha-shawty go in
Booty hit the flo’ then (hit the flo’ then) slow motion (slow motion)
I’m so gone on Patron (tron)
I don’t know how I’m getting home later on like


Yo, Bobby! Yo
And you know it (know it) look at how she throw it (throw it)
If it get any bigger baby girl gon’ have to tow it
Tow it, sitting on them M’s like Floyd (Money)
But, she lied to you if she said I paid for it
Nigga 99 broads, 99 broads (what?)
Panoramic view from the 99th floor (what?)
I’m like, my Lord when she down on all fours (what?)
Got a hood bitch with me, she ain’t scared to take a charge
Fly, I’m buying a car, you don’t know what you saw
She adjusted her bra as I’m lighting up a cigar
They was writing me off, now I arrive like a star
I just sit back and laugh at the irony of it all
There them bands go, there them bands go
Watch a nigga throw a grand or so on that camel-toe
And we like, damn boy why you cuffing that whore?
The whole team smashed her and you ain’t even know it

[Chorus 2x]


Kanye West – Bound 2 [Youtube Music Video]


Kanye West has released his new music video for Bound 2. For those that thought Kanye West was just going to fade into oblivion, you are sadly mistaken.  The song is ok, but the buzz will be because the video features Kanye’s fiancé, Kim Kardashian, topless.  Some nudity is art, but this wasn’t.  It just reeked of desperation for attention, and Kanye is better than that.  He usually doesn’t let the press get to him, but it is understandable considering the recent rumors surrounding him.  Don’t be surprised if a sex tape gets leaked.

Kanye West – Bound 2 [Youtube Music Video]


Rihanna – What Now (Music Video)

Rihanna is back with her new video What Now, and it’s what we have come to expect from Rihanna.  If you think Rihanna represents the occult, this video will do nothing to alleviate your concerns.  However if you think that kind of talk is ridiculous, you probably still will.  But you can still enjoy the music


Rihanna – What Now


“What Now”

I’ve been ignoring this big lump in my throat
I shouldn’t be crying,
tears were for the weaker days
I’m stronger now, or so I say,
But something’s missingWhatever it is,
it feels like it’s laughing at me through the glass of a two-sided mirror
Whatever it is,
it’s just laughing at me
And I just wanna screamWhat now? I just can’t figure it out
What now? I guess I’ll just wait it out (wait it out)
What now? Oh, oh, oh, oh! What now?

I found the one, he changed my life
But was it me that changed
And he just happened to come at the right time
I’m supposed to be in love
But I’m numb again

Whatever it is,
it feels like it’s laughing at me through the glass of a two-sided mirror
Whatever it is,
it’s just sitting there laughing at me
And I just wanna scream

What now? I just can’t figure it out
What now? I guess I’ll just wait it out (wait it out)
What now? Please tell me
What now?

There’s no one to call ’cause I’m just playing games with them all
The more I swear I’m happy, the more that I’m feeling alone
‘Cause I spent every hour just going through the motions
I can’t even get the emotions to come out
Dry as a bone, but I just wanna shout

What now? I just can’t figure it out
What now? I guess I’ll just wait it out (wait it out)
What now? Somebody tell me
What now?

I don’t know where to go
I don’t know what to feel
I don’t know how to cry
I don’t know oh oh why
I don’t know where to go
I don’t know what to feel
I don’t know how to cry
I don’t know oh oh why
I don’t know where to go
I don’t know what to feel
I don’t know how to cry
I don’t know oh oh why

So what now?

Is the CTE Concussion Issue in Football Bigger Than Imagined?


The long-term effects of concussions has been thrust back into the news with a new test that can detect CTE (chronic traumatic  in the living. That test has been used to diagnose more former players including former Dallas Cowboy great Tony Dorsett.  The NFL has finally recognizing the problem, and is taking steps to make the game safer, even though the entire concept of making football safe seems ridiculous.

Parents are also taking a serious look at the safety risks in deciding whether or not to even let their children play football. But who is there to look out for the best interest of college players, who may not make it to the NFL, or those who aren’t in the NFL for any length of time. It has been documented that some of the symptoms may not be evident for years, so is it fair that these players, who define student athletes, will pay the ultimate price for that education. In the debate regarding paying college players, people against paying the athletes say that they are receiving a college education, which has substantial value. But is it that much value that we expect them to deal with health issues down the line?

Since we only hear about the NFL head injuries, one may think that it is just a NFL problem.  But these NFL players start in college, and the case of Chris Henry shows that this isn’t just an NFL problem. Chris Henry was a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, who died after falling off the back of a moving truck during a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. After he passed, his brain was donated to science and it was found that he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a form of degenerative brain damage caused by multiple hits to the head, according to  It is unknown how CTE affects behavior, but it was speculated that it could have had a role in his death.

Henry’s story is significant because he only played in the NFL for 5 seasons, and he was a wide receiver, so he didn’t experience many NFL high impact collisions. Henry’s case is also of note because he was known for his sporadic behavior and run-ins with the law. Research is still being done regarding CTE, but is it possible that his behavior was linked to his brain damage? After all why would he be on the back of a moving truck? If that is the case it would explain why many college football players make puzzling decisions. I would always wonder how a player that was going to make millions of dollars would jeopardize everything over something seemingly trivial. Maybe they can’t help it. That would explain why Justin Blackmon and Von Miller can’t stay clean, or how why Ndamakong Suh took so long to calm down on the field.

But even if something definitive was known regarding head injuries, the problem gets even more complex for college football players. There are safer helmets, but with a safer alternative, the helmets are more expensive. Some NFL players already wear the helmets, and, with the safety concerns regarding football, more parents are purchasing these helmets for their children. But the NCAA is a problem for college football players.

The NCAA’s job is to ensure competitive balance, and if one program has safer helmets and another program doesn’t, is it fair? Would there be a recruiting advantage for that school with the safer helmets? Probably so, but all the players should have access to the safest helmets available, even if it cuts into the school’s profit, or if the school can’t afford safe helmets then maybe they shouldn’t field a team.  The true student athletes, who actually use their scholarship and won’t be going pro, are the ones who need the protection.

These athletes are being exploited by their schools because the schools will take a big payday to be a sacrificial lamb against a team they have no chance of beating. It is usually those players that end up taking a beating, and, as we learn more about head traumas, the question has to be asked, what is the long-term cost to those players? Are they paying for their college education by sacrificing their future quality of life? The sad part is, nothing will probably change because these schools are making too much money. They will continue to justify their actions based on the assumption that the needs of a few shouldn’t stand in the way of a greater common good.

So the true student athlete is left to fade into oblivion. No one is going to do any studies to see how their quality of life is affected in their later years, and their perspective schools don’t care after their eligibility is used up. Who is going to speak up for those players? Or do we even care since they aren’t famous? Their voice needs to be heard, but will anyone have the courage to speak up for them?