Asia’s First Bitcoin ATM: How Does it Work

For anyone not familiar with bitcoin, it is a virtual currency that will save transaction fees because payments don’t have to go through a clearing house.   There was a documentary detailing that all wars were over control of a banking system in some form.  Bitcoin threatens that so it is interesting to see how this phenomena progresses, or if it progresses.


What is bitcoin?



The bitcoin revolution is coming soon as Wall Street Journal reported that the first bitcoin ATM is opening in Hong Kong.  Whatever happens it is amazing to consider that someone made up a virtual currency and now it is valuable.  The government does it with paper money, but this is a signal of the times.  The internet has opened the world for everyone and mass chaos will ensue.


How does the bitcoin ATM work?

Motivational Speeches – TGIM (Season 8 Episode 3)

Eric Thomas is back with the first installment of Thank God It’s Monday‘ (TGIM) series of motivational speeches for 2014.  In this installment Eric talks about how to make 2014 the year of your dreams.  He talks about how move from potential to realization.

Thomas says that 2014 is the year of self-actualization because we can’t live on potential.  Some may think that it’s cruel how real Thomas is, but as ET put it, everyone has a dream and everyone has a goal, so the way to set yourself apart is through your effort.  If you have a goal that you didn’t reach in 2013, it makes sense that if you expect to do something that you haven’t done, then you are going to have to work harder than you have ever worked.

Too many times, we put off changes that we should make because we want everything to be perfect, when it will never be.  ET drove that point home by pointing out we can’t get more time, probably won’t get a better job, and will have a hard time trying to change our circumstance.  But throughout all that our effort is what will carry us through because it is easy to deal with a set-back if 100% effort was given and there are no regrets.  In 2015 don’t wish that you had done more in 2014; do it now.

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West Virginia Chemical Spill (News to Know)


Reuters is reporting that West Virginia chemical spill still has the state under a state of emergency.  For the third day residents are unable to shower, bath, or drink water from the faucet.  As much as 5,000 gallons of a chemical called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, or Crude MCHM.  Paul Ziemkiewicz, the director of the West Virginia Water Research Institute,  described Crude MCHM as a kind of detergent to clean coal, a surfactant.  The effects that this chemical will have on people is unknown, which is scary.

Charleston, West Virginia Mayor Danny Thomas compared life in Charleston to prison because they can’t even wash their hands after they go to the bathroom.  It has been 3 days and people  are anxious to get their water back, but will the water ever be right again? I wouldn’t trust it because our water cleaning process is just to put one chemical in to counteract another.  It’s not about cleaning the water, it’s about masking the effects similar to medications that don’t cure, they just mask the pain.


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Jones: Chemical spill is like a prison


This chemical spill is suspicious on many different levels.  First off Freedom Industries, the company responsible for the spill, just went through a merger on December 31, 2013, so according to Charleston Mayor, Danny Thomas, the facility was under new leadership, who didn’t have any answers.  Next, Bob Cesca of The Daily Banter reported that the spill was reported by the EPA and not Freedom Industries.


The state Department of Environmental Protection’s air-quality officials discovered the spill — which the company had not reported, the Charleston Gazette reported. “We’re confident that no more than 5,000 gallons escaped,” said department spokesman Tom Aluise. “A certain amount of that got into the river. Some of that was contained.”

But Freedom Industries President Gary Southern said the company is still trying to determine how much MCHM had been released. The steel tank holding the chemical has a capacity of 35,000 gallons.


It makes one wonder that if anyone would have ever known about the spill if there weren’t complaints about a licorice smell in the water.  Hopefully this will make people more conscious of their surroundings because after this West Virginia will never be the same.  How long can a society go without water?  Watch coverage of the chemical spill and water quality in general.


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Federal Disaster Declared After West Virginia Chemical Spill


3 UTEP Players Ousted by NCAA for Gambling


According to USA Today, 3 University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) players,  McKenzie Moore, Jalen Ragland, and Justin Crosgile, were dismissed from the team for gambling on sporting events.  It has been reported that there was no point shaving involved, but there will be more to this story.  Also it is curious of the timing because Moore and Ragland were suspended since December 28.  That is significant because it comes about a month after a coaching feud between USC’s Andy Enfield and UTEP’s Tim Floyd.  It would take some time to complete an investigation of this magnitude, so it’s natural to wonder when the allegations first surfaced.  Hmmm…


News on UTEP Gambling Scandal

3 UTEP Players Investigated By FBI For Betting On Games by NewsyVideos

Dennis Rodman Loses it on CNN Speaking About North Korea


Dennis Rodman got together a group of former NBA players to play a game for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un‘s birthday.  This is Rodman’s 4th trip to North Korea and he has come under fire because North Korea has a history of human rights abuses.  On an interview on CNN with Chris Cuomo, Rodman lost it when asked if he was going to speak up for an American missionary held captive in North Korea, Kenneth Bae.

Apparently Bae was arrested because he was spreading Christianity in an atheist state, which was deemed as an attempt to overthrow the government.  This interview shows the American sense of entitlement, and it demonstrates why the rest of the world hates Americans.  We want this guy released, but we are still holding suspected ‘terrorists’ at Guantanamo Bay.   I wonder if the roles were reversed and a North Korean was here promoting their agenda, how we would want them dealt with? There is a saying that “you knew the job was dangerous when you took it,” and it’s sad to say, but Kenneth Bae knew there was a risk just going to North Korea, which is what Dennis Rodman was hinting at, but he just isn’t eloquent enough to express himself properly.

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Troy Ave – Show Me Love (feat. Tony Yayo)

Troy Ave released the visuals to ‘Show Me Love’ featuring Tony Yayo.  The song appears off Troy’s “New York City: The Albumavailable on iTunes

Troy Ave – Show Me Love (ft. Tony Yayo) [Music Video]



“Show Me Love”

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub’
Outside I gotta tec, inside I gotta snug
I wrote correct, act wrong and get a slug
I see that you into money, well baby then show me love
You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub’
Outside I gotta tec, inside I gotta snug
I wrote correct, act wrong and get a slug
I see that you and the money, well baby then show me love
You can find me in the club[Verse 1:]
Jewelry all rocky, you know how I be
Told you mo’fuckas’ is in the hood I’m “Papi”
I got all type of fish, Peruvian “ahi” I got all type of bitches
But I’m choosing ain’t cocky, see me on the couch
See me pouring out, see me on your TV when you’re sitting in your house
I’m on BET, MTV man I’m the hottest thing smokin’ outta NYC
Self made and self paid, niggas can’t stop me
I hand out, your hands out like save me a peach
Man fuck you spit Crystal in your face, you can hate me now and tell how success tastes
Not bad don’t it, mad want it, nigga please I bought the bar you at the bar
You should leave go DJ, play that new Troy Ave shit
Twosteppin’ with my weapon B-S be that clip[Hook]

[Verse 2:]
Spend some G’s on some Givenchy and bon weed
My bitch in Brazilian hair that bon weave
Her pussy be the bomb it’s kamikaze
Touch the sky and do why I’m on floor 93
Condos in Paris above Versages, and we party in the club VIP
We do it BIG, a hundred bottles on an Arabian seat
Prince’d buy a ring with some hashish, then it’s back to the NY streets
South side hood party with some projects freaks
You some Baisley bitches, or some 40 bitches, or some Rochdale bitches
Or some Sutphin bitches, call straight club king just promoting the night
La morena grippin’, two white girls kissin’
The city never sleep, you bitch I hope you don’t miss it,
don’t blame it on me homie we out here pimpin’


You can find me in the club
You can find me in the club
You can find me in the club
You can find me in the club



Chris Kluwe Thinks It’s Conspiracy Why He’s Not in NFL


Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe thinks a conspiracy is the reason that he is out of the NFL and penned an article for that detailed his experience.  Kluwe  felt an obligation to use his ‘fame’ for good, and he was very vocal about the Minnesota same-sex marriage referendum, but he failed to mention how he criticized the Pope.   According to Kluwe, he believes that his comments on same-sex marriage led to his release from the Vikings, and the reason he has yet to catch on with another NFL team.    Kluwe exemplifies how the new generation athletes feel about themselves, if you consider him an athlete.  The NFL recently confirmed that punters are defenseless players, so the timing of this article is ironic to say the least.  Claiming a conspiracy makes Kluwe seem arrogant because he is making waves like you can’t find a punter on the street.  They aren’t big, and they don’t need much athletic ability.  Kluwe’s situation may even worse than former Indianapolis Colts kicker, Mike Vanderjagt

Peyton Manning Rips Mike Vanderjagt

Vanderjagt ripped his own team in an interview after a playoff loss saying he wasn’t a Colts fan even though he was under contract,  Tony Dungy was too nice to succeed , and Peyton Manning and other Colts players didn’t have passion for the game.  Peyton Manning responded by calling him ‘an idiot kicker’ and that’s what he has been ever since.  Needless to say that was the beginning of the end for Vanderjagt, and he is still the object of ridicule .  Obviously Kluwe didn’t know the Vanderjagt story, or he was feeling himself way too much because Vanderjagt was the most accurate kicker in the game by percentage, and that didn’t save him.  It is admirable that Kluwe wanted to speak up on social issues, but he needs to accept the consequences of his actions that is the point of having the courage to speak up.  Kluwe’s problem was that he wanted to stand up for everything, but didn’t want to deal with the repercussions.  He mentions that he thinks his release was because of his views on same-sex marriage, but he glossed over how he criticized the Pope and the Catholic church when the Pope stepped down.  That didn’t matter, it was also about a Minnesota same-sex marriage was more likely the criticism of the Pope and the Catholic church.  Chris Kluwe may have been ‘ liquored up’ too if he thought as a punter he was in a position where he could make waves and still be safe.