Allen Iverson NBA Jersey Retirement Ceremony


Allen Iverson was back in Philly as the Philadelphia 76ers retired his number 3 in a very emotional ceremony.  As time passes it is very easy to forget how great Allen Iverson was.  11 time All Star, former MVP, and 4 time scoring champion as a 6 foot guard.  There will never be another Allen Iverson.

He was fearless.  Allen Iverson lived in the paint in a time when that meant something.  Iverson played in a more physical NBA, but he excelled because he was a football player at heart.   Iverson’s heart can’t be questioned on the court, and it may have led to his downfall off the court.  Even though his career didn’t end as gloriously as it should have, it was good to see him finally get his proper send off.


Allen Iverson NBA Jersey Retirement Ceremony



Tanning of America [Full Documentary]

The Tanning of America” is a documentary based on Steve Stoutes book of the same title.  The documentary focuses on how African-American culture  assimilated into mainstream pop culture.  It started with sitcoms in the 70’s’ like ‘Sanford & Son‘ and ‘The Jeffersons‘, and ended with hip hop helping Barack Obama get elected as President of the United States.   The documentary shows  that progression.  Of course there where many trials and tribulations along the way because it took work  before we were at a point where it was conceivable that Obama COULD be president.

Watch Tanning of America [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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