What’s the Uproar About Donald Sterling?


Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, is in the news because he allegedly made racist remarks to his mixed girlfriend, V. Stiviano, about her associating with ‘Black’ people and taking a picture with Magic Johnson. It should be noted that the woman in question is of ‘Black’ and Mexican descent.  It has also been reported that Stiviano is being sued by Sterling’s wife for gifts that Sterling gave her. The wife contends that the money Sterling used to purchase the gifts was communal property, and she wants to be reimbursed.

This is even crazier than when Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife sued Gabrielle Union.  The Clipper organization is spinning this as a scorned lover out for revenge, which may have worked if there weren’t other lawsuits brought against him for having racist tendencies that he settled.  This doesn’t even include the allegations of racism from Elgin Baylor, the Clippers general manager for 22 years, who later recanted.  None of these incidents individually signify that Sterling is a racist, but when you look at it all together; what other conclusion can you draw

Peter Keating did a story on Donald Sterling for ESPN the Magazine that took at Donald Sterling’s past in 2009 because he was honored by the NAACP.  In 2009 the NAACP said they were honoring Sterling because of his work with the youth.  According the LA Times,  Jerry Crowe, the NAACP wanted to honor Sterling because he routinely donated 2,000-3,000 tickets for children to Clippers games, even though they know those donations were probably for tax breaks.

Would he have donated tickets if the Clippers were selling out their games? The funny part of this is the fact that the NAACP is planning to honor Sterling again in May for another lifetime achievement award.  Some may think the support from the NAACP means that he isn’t a racist, but I think it’s more of an indictment that the NAACP is out of touch with the community.   The question is how can Sterling not like ‘Blacks’ when the NBA is majority ‘Black’, and they have made him a lot of money.

According to Forbes.com, Sterling bought the Clippers for $12 million in 1981, and the franchise is currently values at $430 million.  That is some serious return on investment especially considering the Clippers have been a losing team most of that time, so he should love ‘Blacks’, especially Magic Johnson, who helped save the NBA and put money in his pocket.  That being said, it is naïve to think that whether or not he is racist matters.  There is talk that the NBA needs to make a statement by taking action against Sterling, but what can they do? He owns the team.

Times change, but people do not, and it’s crazy to think that an 80-year-old rich ‘White’ man can, or will even want to change.  How the NBA handles this situation will tell a lot about where their allegiances lie because they put Sterling in the limelight by giving him Chris Paul, and they knew his history, so why they weren’t they worried  about his views then?  There is no denying that the NBA wanted the Clippers strong because they are in LA, and who cares if an owner is racist as long as there is money to make? That is why this investigation seems like this it is all lip-service, and no action will be taken, but time will tell.


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Vice News – Getting High on HIV Medications


VICE News took a trip to South Africa to find out what it’s like ‘Getting High on HIV Medications‘.  In South Africa, they were looking for the street drug nyaope.  Nyaope is known to include anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), which are the medications used to treat HIV. Apparently there is a hallucinogen effect, which is what makes it appealing to drug users

It’s hard to imagine getting high on HIV medications, but this is something going on in Africa, where they have a larger HIV population, so I guess it isn’t taboo for them.  It’s hard to imagine any part of HIV meds becoming part of recreational drug use because of the stigma of HIV.  It wasn’t long ago that people wouldn’t touch someone with HIV in the states, so it’s doubtful that anyone would take their medicine.  Plus in the states, those medications are expensive, but they obviously aren’t in Africa because the doctor gave away 30 tablets.

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VICE News- Getting High on HIV Medications


Based on how they get down in Africa, getting high on HIV meds, they probably think Americans are soft for mostly smoking weed.  It reminds me of “Half Baked” when Dave Chappelle tried to get help for his weed addiction


Edinburgh Scotland -The Royal Mile


My journey officially began in Edinburgh Scotland.  Edinburgh? you may ask, well at first I was skeptical as well.   I visited the “Royal Mile” district, which is a stretch of road with Holyrood Palace on one end and Edinburgh Castle on the other.  Holyrood Palace is the residence of the British monarch when they are in Scotland, so I wondered how interesting seeing a monarch’s residence, or walking through a castle could be?

Little did I know that I was in for a life changing experience.  After my journey I realized that there is something inspiring about being in the presence of history.  Being American, we are a relatively new country, so our history isn’t as awe inspiring, but there is something special about walking the same path that has been walked for almost a thousand years.

It allows you to vividly imagine what life was like back then, and it blurs the lines of possibility, when you think about what the people of those times were able to accomplish with their own ingenuity, it makes you want to make your mark.


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Edinburgh Scotland – “The Royal Mile”


It turns out that Edinburgh and Scotland in general are rich in history and the Scottish people embrace that history and share it with all that come to visit.  Edinburgh Castle is on of the most popular tourist attractions in the world for good reason as the views from the top are breath taking.   Another great attraction  Mary King’s Close.  A close is the equivalent of a neighborhood in a different time.

Mary King’s Close has been preserved as an attraction to give tourists the full experience of the time.  It was humbling walking through a replica house, which was so tiny, then journey into a  very narrow street not only used for transportation, but as  a marketplace  and sewage system as well.  Next we journeyed into the house of a family who were isolated because they had the black plague.  It made you appreciate the little things in life like toilets and medical care.

But a vacation isn’t just about learning, it is about having fun too and Edinburgh didn’t disappoint in that area.  Edinburgh is home to some of the most famous pubs in the world.  If you feel up to it, at night, there is a pub crawl tour where you can sample the beer, ale, and lagers from some of the most famous pubs in the world.  Warning, there is a reason that they call in the pub crawl.

But if you aren’t up to sampling all of the pubs, here is a least of some of the top pubs you may want to visit.  If pubs aren’t your thing then Edinburgh is also known for its seafood, or there is always shopping.  Edinburgh has some of the same franchise stores as the US, but there are a number of local vendors who cater to the tourists that you may want to sample.  Scotland may not seem like the sexy place to visit, but it is definitely a worth while experience.

University of Missouri Sports Need to Turn Down


University of Missouri athletes are turned all the way up for 2014 and the arrest record proves it.  First Sophomore star wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested in January with 2 other men allegedly riding in a car with expired tags with a pound of weed.  Then in March, basketball players Shane Rector and Wes Clark, along with football players, Shaun Rupert and Aaron Penton, arrested for again allegedly driving with expired tags and weed.

Do they all share the same car? If so, they won’t have to worry because at the beginning of April, Missouri basketball player, Zach Price, arrested twice in one day, had an altercation with his roommate and a female acquaintance, where he allegedly rammed his vehicle into their vehicle.  It should be mentioned that Aldon Smith is a Mizzou alum, and his  problems didn’t just start.  But all this isn’t surprising because they don’t do “Outside the Lines” pieces when you are doing things right.

Outside the Lines” featured the story of Sasha Menu Courey, a Missouri swimmer who was allegedly raped by a football player, which sent her into depression.  Sasha eventually committed suicide and the story was really about dealing with mental health issues, but maybe it shows a bigger problem at Missouri.


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Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Black Bess – 5th Legend Model

2014 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport VitesseBlack Bess‘ was revealed ahead of the scheduled debut at the 2014 Bejing Motor Show.  This Bugatti Legend Model was built in homage to the Bugatti Type 18, made between 1912-1914.  There were only 7 Type 18’s were built and 3 survive today.  One of the cars is named ‘Black Bess’ after a horse, and that car will be on display with its modern counterpart in Beijing, so hence the name. ‘Black Bess’ is fast like all of the Vitesse series, but that gold accent, that is 24 carat gold.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Black Bess



Mary Elizabeth Croft Interview


Mary Elizabeth Croft, author of “How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man,” a spiritual economics book, broke down her conspiracy beliefs in a detailed interview.  Croft goes into great detail in this extended interview, but basically she contends that governments all over the world are bankrupt because they defaulted on their loans from the World Bank.

Since the governments are bankrupt, the entities that we think are the government are just corporations and their laws are only legally binding to their employees. She also contends that since there aren’t enough natural resources, people are the resource and thus the system was set-up to make sure that people could perform to the best of their ability, what ever that may be.  To that end our social security number entitles us to a credit line through a treasury account for our necessities from corporations.

In theory whenever we need a good or service from a corporation, then we should just sign a note to have the corporation’s debt offset by the value of the product that we were GIVEN.  The logic is that the corporation borrowed money to make the good, and therefore you signing for it and not surrendering cash should just reduce their debt.  By us paying for the goods we are just increasing the debt because theoretically the company is taking on more debt by people providing them with cash.

The system has enslaved people as a whole not just urban areas, but in reality, according to Croft, everything we need or want has been prepaid and if you have the proper IRS forms then you can get everything back.   Some may think this another ridiculous conspiracy theory, but it makes a lot of sense.

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Is Chip Kelly as Good as He Thinks in NFL?


Chip Kelly is really feeling himself because he felt comfortable enough to get rid of DeSean Jackson for nothing.  To Kelly’s credit he did acquire Darren Sproles from New Orleans for nothing, but Sproles is a 30-year-old 5’6″ 190 lb running back, so who knows how long he has left because he has already exceeded all expectations for his career.  DeSean Jackson is a proven player  and is coming off a career year, so Chip Kelly has put  a great deal of pressure on himself.

Kelly is walking a slippery slope where it appears that he believes that his coaching schemes are a replacement for great talent.  These are the same schemes that didn’t work in college as Oregon regularly lost big games.  It should also be noted that Kelly left Oregon because he under investigation for recruiting violations, and he currently has a ‘show cause’ sanction over his head.  Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Kelly came in thinking knew more than everyone else with his conditioning and dietary requirements trying to speed up the game, but is that a gimmick or something revolutionary? Kelly is banking that he is a revolutionary because as it stands now the Eagles number 1 receiver is Riley Cooper, so a premium isn’t being placed on talent.  The notion is that as long as Kelly has guys to buy into his system that good results will follow, but what has his system produced?

ESPN Sportscenter DeSean Jackson Conversation

The irony of the whole situation is Kelly’s coaching acumen is still questionable in my opinion.  Some might say that the Eagles won the NFC East by default, and last season could be considered an anomaly.  There is no denying that the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Washington Redskins all under-achieved, while the Eagles over-achieved.  Odds don’t suggest hat happening again, but the Eagles are betting on just that because they are losing talent instead of accumulating it.

Hopefully Chip Kelly and the Eagles have more moves in store because talent wins in the NFL and the Eagles are lacking at this point.  Even though the ‘experts’ are predicting the Eagles to win the division, Nick Foles is still unproven, and with no deep threat the defense has to respect, the Eagles could easily end up being a double digit loss team next year.  Karma has a way of evening things out and the accusation that Jackson had gang affiliations will be investigated by the NFLPA.  No matter the outcome of that investigation the damage is done.  Under Andy Reid the Eagles were considered a model organization, and that reputation has taken a serious hit.

Richard Sherman wrote about DeSean Jackson and the Eagles hypocrisy for MMQB.com.  In the article Sherman mentioned how the Eagles didn’t discipline Riley Cooper for using  the N-word (when the NFL is no hellbent on outlawing that word) and then they release DeSean Jackson for alleged gang ties going into his 7th year with the team.  It’s not the fact that the Eagles released Jackson because he was an Andy Reid guy so it was a matter of time, but the coincidental leaking of the ‘gang affiliation’ story as a reason they parted ways was reprehensible.

If they wanted to move on they should have just moved on and said nothing because being cut is embarrassing enough.  There are even reports of an anonymous Eagles team members ripping Jackson like his release was justified.  The Eagles are a team led by Riley “I’ll whup every N-word in here” Cooper, so what would you expect?  Those are the type of guys that Chip Kelly wants, so he better win with them, but from where I am sitting the future isn’t bright in Philadelphia.  Kelly is getting Bill Belichick status, now can he deliver Belichick results.


2014 Bentley Flying Spur vs 2014 Rolls Royce Ghost (Head 2 Head)

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Kim Reynolds pits 2 of Britain’s biggest luxury car giants against each other, Bentley and Rolls Royce to see which is better.  Reynolds put the cars through a variety of tests to crown the ‘champion’.

Bentley Flying Spur vs Rolls Royce Ghost on Head 2 Head