Leaving Brooklyn Nets Makes Jason Kidd Seem Shady

Jason Kidd has been officially traded to the Milwaukee Bucks for 2 second round picks, and it doesn’t feel right.  Jason Kidd was always border-line shady, but he got the benefit of the doubt because of his on-court prowess.  Maybe it’s time to realize that maybe that ‘killer instinct‘ on the court equals shady character off it.  This isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s always something that make you question Kidd’s character.

In the last year,  Jason Kidd served a 2 game suspension for DWI, had an altercation with his lead assistant Laurence Frank that led to Frank being demoted, was fined $50,000 for purposely spilling soda on the floor, made it to the second round of the playoffs in the East with the team with the highest payroll, and then had the nerve to ask for more power.  He deserved a raise, and more than likely Mikhail Prokhorov, the Brooklyn Nets owner, would have given it to him judging by the Nets luxury tax bill, but Kidd obviously wanted more, even though he didn’t deserve it.

The more telling part of this story, in my opinion, is the fact that Kidd played this game with Prokhorov.   Russians do business different from Americans, so it takes a different type of person to even attempt a coup in a Russian owned company, and that type of person isn’t a good guy.  Don’t hate the player hate the game, so we can’t be mad at Jason Kidd because he worked the system and got his money, but what was the price? Whatever reputation that Kidd had is shot, and this decision is why the Bucks are going to continue being the Bucks.  Jason Kidd as a role model for their younger players? We will see, but Larry Saunders should be happy because he has someone to go out with.

Jason Kidd traded to Milwaukee Bucks


Vice News – Arkansas: The Worst Place to Rent

Vice News traveled to Arkansas to expose the draconian eviction policies of the state in Arkansas: The Worst Place to RentArkansas is the only state where paying rent late can be a criminal offense, and landlords have no obligation by law to maintain their properties.  Also the eviction process can begin after being 1 day late on rent and lasts only 10 days after which the tenant can be fined or sentenced to 90 days in jail.

America fights for injustices against people in other countries while this goes on in Arkansas.  It is totally opposite of everything that American stands for because this is the land of opportunity, but there is no opportunity in Arkansas unless you are a property owner.  But with laws favoring landlords why would a property owner ever sale.  So even if someone is able to buy a house there is no guarantee that a house would be available.  It’s a hard life as a renter in Arkansas because everything is stacked against you.

But everything is stacked against residents of every urban area in America, so that can’t be an excuse.  To many people have overcome great obstacles to achieve greatness, so it’s all on how bad do you want it, which brings in to question how much culpability the residents of Arkansas have on the situation.  Things like this happen all over the South, but it never makes national attention, why? Mississippi ratified the 13th amendment, the one freeing the slaves, in February of 2013.  Apparently they voted to ratify the amendment in 1995, but mysteriously the paperwork was lost until 2013, so it was never official.  But ‘black’ people stayed in Mississippi, even though the state made it clear that they still thought of them as slaves.  Maybe they don’t know no better.


Vice News – Arkansas: The Worse Place to Rent



Michelle Wie Wins Her First Golf Major

It is fitting that Lucy Li, the 11-year-old who qualified for the US Open, debuted in the first major victory for Michelle Wie.  There was some debate about whether Li was too young to participate in part because of the perceived plight of Michelle Wie.  Michelle Wie made her début on the LPGA Tour at 13 years old.  At the age of 14 Michelle finished 4th at the Kraft Nabisco Championship, which is a women’s major.  Wie was such a ‘sure thing‘ that she played against the men on the PGA Tour before she won anything on the women’s tour.  In hindsight that may not have been the best option, but Wie did break par at a PGA event, something even the great Annika Sorenstram didn’t do.

Michelle Wie was a child star, so it’s no wonder that she needed to leave the game for a while to rekindle her passion, and hopefully now she is here for the long haul.  She has been away from the spot light, so people have forgotten about her, and the expectations aren’t as high, which probably helps.  Golf is a mental game, and if you aren’t at peace mentally, then you can’t excel on the course.  The LPGA hopes that Wie can excel because they need some excitement.  It could be considered parody that no women golfers have been consistent enough to establish a name since Annika Sorenstram retired in 2008, but that is not a good thing especially for a woman’s sport.  The big LPGA story this year was  Paula Gretzky getting the cover of Golf Magazine, and not someone from the LPGA.   Michelle Wie has name recognition, so she can bring women’s golf to a broader demographic.  Whether she wins again or not, this victory put the LPGA in the spotlight more than they had been in years.


Michelle Wie on emotional US Women’s Open win (ESPN)


Tracy McGrady Baseball Prospect (Vice Sports)

Tracy McGrady Baseball Prospect (Vice Sports)


Vice Sports featured Tracy McGrady Baseball prospect to discuss his attempt to reinvent himself as a baseball pitcher.  McGrady has taken to training with former MLB great Roger Clemens in his attempt to pitch professionally, so it has to be take somewhat seriously. It is sad that McGrady isn’t still in the NBA, but he seems to have a genuine love of baseball.  McGrady mentioned that it has always been a dream of his to play professional baseball, and if that’s the case, maybe the abrupt end to his basketball career may be a blessing in disguise.  Who knows, McGrady could make the major leagues because like he said he can give the Houston Astros better than a zero share, which is what they have been getting.  After all these sport teams’ net worth are largely based on television contracts.  It’s a long shot, but  you never know.

Richard Rockefeller Dies in Plane Crash

Dr. Richard Rockefeller, son of the billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller, and great-grand-son of Standard Oil founder, John D. Rockefeller, died when the small plane he was piloting crashed soon after takeoff.  Dr. Rockefeller, 65, was the only person on board the plane, and the cause of the crash was not immediately clear.  Renown publicist and author, Fraser P. Seitel, a Rockefeller spokesman, said Dr. Rockefeller was a skilled pilot, who had flown in and out of the Westchester airport many times, which is what makes it so shocking for the family.

Dr. Rockefeller was a family physician in Falmouth, ME, who earlier practiced and taught medicine in Portland, ME.  He was married with two children and two stepchildren.  He was chairman of the United States Advisory Board of Doctors Without Borders from 1989 until 2010, and served on the board of Rockefeller University until 2006.  Also he was a past president of the Rockefeller Family Fund.  In recent years, Dr. Rockefeller was working to help establish better treatment for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Mr. Seitel said.

Dr. Rockefeller was a pillar of society and will be greatly missed, but especially so since he is a Rockefeller.  As with the case of the death of any Rockefeller, David’s death is going to come under worldwide scrutiny  from ‘conspiracy’ theorists with cause.  The crash is suspicious considering that Dr. Rockefeller was such an experiences pilot, plus the plane went down so soon after take-off implying that there may have been issues with the plane.  We may never know the truth surrounding his death, but we can celebrate the man he was in life.


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Rockefeller Plane Crash: Illuminati Free Mason Symbolism



King of Cannabis (Full Documentary)

VICE followed Arjan Roskam, a noted marijuanna breeder who has been dubbed the ‘King of Cannabis.’Roskam is the owner and founder of the Green House Coffeeshops, Green House Seed Company, Strain Hunters and several other cannabis businesses. He’s the sole breeder in the world credited with winning over 38 high times cannabis cups. Arjan was crowned the King of Cannabis in the 1990’s. Roskam’s idea for The King of Cannabis concept was to achieve cannabis acceptance around the world because marijuana use is vilified because people don’t realize its values.

Some would say that the crimilization of marijuana is part of a large world government conspiracy.  Roskam had the brilliant idea to have celebrities speak out against the crimilization of cannabis, and it has worked. This vision of normalization has now become a reality, cannabis is becoming more and more accepted all around the world for recreational and medicinal use, and it has become a fixture of urban culture worldwide. In the United States alone, more than 19 states have now legalized cannabis for medicinal use and 2 states have recently legalized cannabis for recreational use.

Additionally Uruguay has completely legalized cannabis, and the majority of the European countries have decriminalized cannabis for personal use. In countries like Spain, hundreds of legal cannabis social clubs have opened up all over the country. Even though marijuanna reform has come a long way as a part of the world culture, ‘The King of Cannabisis still at the forefront of the fight for cannabis legalization around the world! (source KingofCannabis.com)

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King of Cannabis Full Documentary


Is There Any Crime That Can Hurt NFL Image?

It has been an eventful off season for the NFL as they have had to deal with numerous criminal publicity nightmares.  Ray Rice was  caught on video dragging his then fiance, Janay Palmer, out of an Atlantic City elevator.  There are even reports that there is video of Rice actually knocking her out, which would be powerful because no matter what she did, the image of her getting hit would evoke emotion.

That is why that video will never come out.  But that was just the tip of the iceberg for the NFL.  Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay, was arrested for driving while intoxicated, when arrested he had numerous prescription bottles and $29,000 on him.  Irsay ended up with only 2 misdemeanor crimes, but it looks bad because the NFL hasn’t disciplined him, while a NFL Player, Josh Gordon, may miss the season because of a marijuana violation according to ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

The hypocrisy seems even worse considering former players are suing the NFL over the administration of  pain killers to keep them on the field.  Then there are the Darren Sharper and Aaron Hernandez criminal cases, but those transgressions are so egregious that they could be considered outliers.  But the biggest issue may be the NFL’s arrogance for refusing to acknowledge that the name of the Washington D.C. football team is offensive to Native Americans. They should ask Donald Sterling how the perception of being a racist works out.

The NFL has been able to avoid that stigma for a long time, but an Indian group is going to run an ad against that name of the Washington D.C. football franchise during Game 3 of the NBA Finals, so it will be interesting to see what happens moving forward.  Can you image if the name of the team was the Washington N!##@s?  But if a letter signed by 50 US Senators doesn’t move the NFL,  it’s hard to believe that anything will.  The NFL is the real Teflon Don.


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Proud to be Native American


PTSD From Urban Gang Violence


Vice News took a trip to Los Angeles to speak with teenagers about their traumatic experiences around gang violence.  PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is mostly associated with war veterans, but it isn’t restricted to just veterans because with all of the killings going on in our streets, even children are exhibiting signs of PTSD.

With how advance today’s youth are, it is easy to forget they are still children and not fully developed, and trauma can stunt their development.  But it’s especially sad for Los Angeles youth because this has been going on since the 80’s.  This is just another by-product of crack cocaine.  Crack not only destroys its abusers lives, but it gives gangs financial means to expand their reign of terror.

Who knows if there is some grand conspiracy to destroy the inner city, or if it was the a natural chain of events, but this isn’t going away.  The cycle needs to be broken and these children need to become a priority.  If these children are forgotten they will continue to feed there problems to the next generation and the cycle will never be broken.  Unfortunately, they will probably not receive the attention they need because California as a state is in financial crisis.


Watch Vice News Documentary

Vice News: PTSD from Gang Violence


If  you know a child experiencing PTSD or want to know the symptoms CLICK HERE (from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)