Lance Stephenson – Signs with Charlotte Hornets…A New York State of Mind

Lance Stephenson decided to leave the Indiana Pacers and sign a 3 year $27 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets.  It was a curious decision by Lance as the Pacers 5 year $44 million offer wasn’t significantly lower, yet Stephenson still chose to leave.  According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, Stephenson wanted a shorter contract because he wants to test the free agent waters soon after he establishes All Star credentials.

There seems to be a hint of  jealousy toward Paul George involved, as Stephenson was reportedly insulted by the Pacers offer because he considers himself the best Pacer.  Hopefully it will work out for Stephenson, but he will NEVER get a max deal.    Lance Stephenson has had too much bad publicity to get a max deal because a max deal player is a face of the franchise, and Lance can’t handle the additional scrutiny that comes with that.  Next season is going to be interesting because the Hornets had some success last year, so if it doesn’t continue all eyes will be on Lance because Lance has prioritized his numbers over team success.  Lance Stephenson is from New York City and that is what New York City NBA players do historically.

Stephon Marbury had Hall of Fame talent, but never lived up to it.  The New York City point guard was in the perfect situation to develop with a young Kevin Garnett, but Kevin Garnett got a $126 million deal, Marbury got jealous and forced a trade.  Marbury eventually found success in the CBA, the Chinese Basketball Association.  The next example is  Mount Vernon’s Ben Gordon, who used to average 20 points coming off the bench for the Chicago Bulls, but he was better than that, so he left to join the Detroit Pistons, never to be heard from again.  The Orlando Magic just signed him to a 2 year $9 million deal, that says it all.  Hopefully the Pacers will stay away from NYC players after this because Ron Artest’s tenure in Indiana didn’t end amicably as the Pacer’s were forced to trade him per his request.  This request came after he returned from ‘The Brawl‘ suspension, so obviously he didn’t think about the situation at all.  Is it just a coincidence that these stories are similar and they are all from the same place? Maybe there is something about New York City.  They say if you make it in New York then you can make it anywhere , I guess that doesn’t apply to basketball.


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Why Would Lebron James Want to be Like Michael Jordan?

The San Antonio Spurs defeated Lebron James and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, so all the ‘Lebron Haters‘ are saying this just shows the Lebron James isn’t  Michael Jordan.  But the question is why would Lebron James want to be Michael Jordan? Michael Jordan is the arguably the greatest basketball player ever, but he wasn’t well adjusted.

Jordan was ultra competitive to a fault.  Jordan’s gambling exploits are legendary, and conspiracy theorists believe that his gambling is what led to his first retirement.  There is also some talk that Jordan’s gambling may have been a factor in his father’s death.  Despite all that, the media expects basketball players to live up to that legacy.  It makes you wonder if the racial composition of the NBA has something to do with it because no one criticizes baseball players for not having the fire of Ty Cobb or Pete Rose.


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Michael Jordan on gambling allegations


Kobe Bryant is considered the closest thing to Jordan even in Michael Jordan’s mind, so let’s look at Kobe Bryant.   Kobe’s comments on the Miami Heat’s support of Trayvonne Martin show just how out of touch he really is.  The Trayvonne Martin cause was about a black child being killed by a white man,  it wasn’t just about race, even though that is what it was made out to be.  Kobe should never comment on race relations because he identifies with Italy and they are some most racist people in the world.  Mario Baloteli, Italy’s star soccer player, was subject to racial abuse at practice.

Kobe likes soccer , but why he doesn’t speak out about the racial abuse that soccer players experience?  He needs to stop because it’s not a good look for him.  Also Kobe may have single handedly destroyed the Laker dynasty with his new contract.  True the Lakers offered that contract, but he knew he wasn’t a max player on the court, so no one can fault him, but he was greedy.

It still makes no sense, but hindsight is 20/20, and that extension probably caused the Los Angeles Lakers to miss out on Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James.  This is an anxious time in Lakerland considering that the Los Angeles Clippers have new ownership that has the money to challenge the Lakers reign of supremacy in Los Angeles.  If the Clippers take over LA, even though Kobe won 5 titles with the franchise,  his legacy will be that he brought down the Lakers Dynasty.  These next 2 years will be very interesting.


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Lebron James: The Legacy 2  MOVIE


Lebron James may not win as many rings as Kobe let alone Jordan, but his legacy was greater from the day he entered into the NBA.  From day 1 Lebron took control of his career, and in the process he has looked out for his friends as detailed in an article detailing what Lebron’s high school teammates have been up to.  Lebron’s unselfishness has led him to being the most powerful player in NBA history.

Lebron is changing the game the way Jordan and Kobe never could because he isn’t afraid to speak on social issues.  People wonder why Donald Sterling was able to keep his ownership in the Los Angeles Clippers for so many years, but it was because stars like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were too calculated to speak out on any social issues.

But it is a new day thanks to Lebron James and he is mentoring the younger generation, so don’t expect his influence to wane even when we don’t see him.  Plus Lebron has earned praise on his business acumen from Warren Buffet, so limiting him to just a basketball player isn’t fair.  Muhammad Ali is more than a boxer, Jim Brown is more than a football player, Arthur Ashe is more than a tennis player, and Lebron James is more than a basketball player.  He may not be Michael Jordan on the court, but Jordan is no Lebron James off the court.  Which is really more important?