Will James Harden Get Blame if Team USA Basketball Loses?

James Harden has really be feeling himself this off-season, but has his mouth wrote a check that he can’t cash? Harden must think that he has arrived as a superstar because he called everyone else on the Houston Rockets besides himself and Dwight Howard role players.  Then he had the nerve to say that he thought he was the best player in the league.

It’s fine to have confidence, but Harden is being ridiculous.  He considers himself a superstar, but he has only been a NBA starter for 2 years, plus he has choked in his last 2 playoff series.  That is not what a superstar does, but Harden can  elevate himself to superstar status beginning with the World Cup of Basketball in Spain.

Team USA Basketball was already not sending our best with Lebron, Carmelo, Kevin Love, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and other Olympic team members not participating.  Then Paul George gets hurt, and Kevin Durant withdraws, and the USA looks very vulnerable.  When you factor in that Spain is playing at home, logically Spain is the favorite.   USA expects to come away with gold, so if they don’t, people will want answers.

Jerry Colangelo has nominated James Harden as the scapegoat if Team USA Basketball loses.  When asked who the leader of Team USA is, Colangelo answered James Harden, so that is who will get blamed if Team USA Basketball loses.  Harden has put up numbers during the regular season, but he hasn’t been the same since he didn’t show up in the NBA Finals.  But he wants this type of notoriety.  He left Oklahoma City for this moment.  But this is a prime example of be careful what you wish for because Harden will get the chance to prove himself as a star on a world stage.  By the same token if he fails;  it will be an epic fail on a world stage.  No nuts no glory, hopefully he’s ready.


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The Reason Behind All Wars & JFK Conspiracy

Michael Rivero explored the conspiracy behind all wars  in  ‘The Reason Behind All Wars and JFK’s Assasination.’  It is Rivero’s assertion that there is a worldwide conspiracy, and the private central bank is ultimately responsible for all wars.  Rivero made some bold claims, but he backed them up with historical facts.

Most people do not realize that The Federal Reserve is a private bank and not a government entity.  The name is meant to mislead.  People would assume because the name in on the money that it is a government entity.  The reason that it is significant that The Fed is private is because by the government not issuing the currency that means that they are borrowing it and paying interest to this private bank.  This banking system wasn’t always in place, and Rivero detailed how coincidentally war and assassinations put everything in place.

In 1791, America chartered The First Bank of the United States, but by the end of that 20 year charter the economy was bad, so Congress wasn’t going to renew the charter.  Coincidentally, the War of 1812 happened, and that war left America in debt, so the Second Bank of the United States was chartered for another 20 years.

The same thing happened and the economy was bad, so President Andrew Jackson ended the Second Bank in 1832.  From 1832-1913 there was no central bank and during that time 5 Presidents died in office.  William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia, and Zachary Taylor died of a stomach ailment (it could have been poison), but Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and William McKinley Jr. were all shot.  There was an attempt on Andrew Jackson’s life, but both of the assassin’s pistols failed.

It could all be a coincidence, but when the John F, Kennedy assassination is factored in, it seems plausible.  Kennedy issued currency backed by the US government to avoid the high interest payments, and 5 months later he was killed.  They say money is power, so it’s not as far fetched as one may think that the root of all wars is the banking system.  After all they are the ones who profit.


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Floyd Mayweather Jr In Sports News For Wrong Reason

According to the Ann Arbor News, Floyd Mayweather Jr was supposedly distracted after a public break-up before the first Mayweather v. Maidana fight, and that is why Maidana had a better than expected showing.  Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 takes place September 13 from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and Floyd Mayweather finds himself in some drama that is sure to distract him.

Mayweather has been involved in some high-profile hip hop beefs recently with 50 Cent, Nelly, and T.I.  When asked about it Floyd insinuated that those rappers start stuff with him to use his name to remain relevant because they aren’t moving units like they used to.  50 Cent responded by offering $750,000 to charity if Floyd Mayweather could read a page of a Harry Potter book.  Charlemagne the God, of The Breakfast Club, joined in and went in on Floyd on air, playing him trying to read a radio promo.


EsNews Stands Up For Floyd Mayweather


Of course Floyd is going to try to downplay the whole situation, but he can’t because this is bigger than him.  This speaks to the value of an education.    Floyd made it, but he is the exception and not the rule.   Having problems reading is not a sign of intelligence because he wouldn’t have made those millions if he wasn’t intelligent.  There could be other issues impacting the ability to read.  There is no shame in that, and a person of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s stature sharing whatever issues he has would help a lot of people out like Brandon Marshall did with mental health.

That probably won’t happen because for one thing the timing is all wrong.  Floyd is getting ready for a fight and he doesn’t need to be thinking about anything else.  But how can he not think about this because it affects his whole image and possibly legacy.  That being said you never know what is real with Floyd Mayweather.  We are talking about his ability to read when he typically tricks us out of our money, so this could just be a ploy to promote the fight, and Floyd will come across as the smartest man in the room as he usually does.  But if this isn’t a ploy, then Floyd is vulnerable.  This controversy gives us a compelling reason to think Floyd could lose on September 13, which is all Floyd wants.  Are we getting played again? If so this is the wrong issue to play with.

Sports News – Chicago Wins LLWS United States Championship

The Little League World Series (LLWS) may have rekindled African-American interest in baseball, and one of the main reason is the performance of Jackie Robinson West Little League of Chicago.  Baseball used to be an integral part of urban minority culture, but somewhere along the way interest was lost.  Chicago is the first all African-American Little League team to win the Little League World Series United States Championship, so the hope is that now more African-American athletes will gravitate toward baseball.  Mo’ne Davis was the story to start LLWS, but by the end of the tournament it was all about the children from Chicago.

The Chicago kids handled the pressure like adults and were resilient until the end.  Their win in the US Championship game was unbelievable because that team from Nevada looked unbeatable.  When Nevada went up 3-0 in the top of the first inning, it looked dim, but the Chicago kids came back with 2 runs in the bottom of the inning, and they never quit.

The way the Nevada team reacted after the Chicago team took the lead, reminded everyone that these are still children.  The Nevada kids were so disappointed that they lost the lead that they couldn’t try to regain it.  That just makes what the kids accomplished from Jackie Robinson Little League West of Chicago that much more impressive.

The urban community needed this, especially the community of Chicago.  Their support of the team showed how much they wanted to have something positive come out of their community.  Typically Chicago is in the news for the wrong reasons, such as murder.  These kids showed everyone in that community that they too can achieve something special.


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Tensions Rise in Ferguson, MO After Michael Brown Shooting

Tensions are still high in Ferguson Missouri after the Michael Brown shooting on August 9th.  Brown was an unarmed African-American teenager shot by the police, so the case is similar to the Florida case of Trayvonne Martin.  Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, got off, so the Brown case is even more emotionally charged because African-Americans  remember that there was no justice for Martin, and they want to insure that there is justice for Brown.

Due to that fact, people wanted answers immediately, but the police were going to follow protocol, which made it seem live another cover-up conspiracy, so a conflict arose.  There were peaceful protests and marches, but there was also looting and death threats, so Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, recently imposed a midnight to 5am curfew.   The first night went well with only 7 arrests, but this is not going to go away.  At some point some one will have to take responsibility, or there will probably be more violence.

It’s sad that in this day and age that this type of incident still happens because it indicates lack of evolution as a people.  It’s no conspiracy, it is  racism.  Both Michael Brown and Trayvonne Martin were killed because a Caucasian men let stereo-types control their actions.  Caucasians seem to fear minorities in general, and they seem to view every minority as a threat, so all cross-cultural interactions are colored by that fear.

That is why the ‘feared for my life defense‘ gets so much support in the Caucasian community.  The irony is that the Caucasian’s fear forces  the minority to respond in fear, and that is why these interactions seem to go so terribly wrong.  But this will continue to happen until we all evolve enough to conquer our fears and address our differences.


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Mo’ne Davis Dominates LLWS…But What Does It Mean?

Mo’ne Davis is not the first female to play at the Little League World Series (LLWS), but she had the most memorable performance throwing a complete game shutout winning 4-0 against Nashville Tennessee.  Davis’ story has attracted the attention of the  world, as her story is an indicator of women being equal.  Davis’ feats are a major accomplishment, but her success could end up being bad for her and baseball.

For baseball, Davis’ success could be seen as a deterrent for future generations of players, and for Davis with attention comes pressure, even though she says all the right things and seems so mature, it can’t be forgotten that  she is a child and these experiences will shape the rest of her life.  I fear that the pressure of trying to succeed at the highest level against boys is a tough task.  All the teams are out to get her now, so it will be interesting to see how she does.

It is an amazing accomplishment for anyone, never mind a girl, to pitch like Davis did at Williamsport, but in giving her credit, maybe a bigger point was missed.  Major League Baseball (MLB) has been trying to find ways to reconnect with minority youth and bring them back to the game of baseball.  The RBI program, reviving baseball in inner cities, has been around a while, but the participation numbers of minorities from USA urban areas has not increased.

At some point we have to realize that times are changing, and baseball may not have the cultural significance than it used to have.   It was America’s past time in the 1900s, but does that have any impact on the new century? Boxing used to be culturally significant with champions like Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, and even Mike Tyson, but it has been an after thought for years.  Floyd Mayweather still makes his money, but he is the last money-maker, and after him the sport will go away.

Horse racing is another sport that reportedly used to matter, but as we began to recognize animal cruelty, the sport became less popular.   As we evolve as a society, some of the games that we used to play seem obsolete, and that may be the case with baseball.  If baseball was making a comeback then Mo’ne Davis’ success could hurt whatever momentum that has been generated because it is hard to imagine little boys wanting to play a game where they could be embarrassed by a girl.


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Mo’Ne Davis finished up 2 Hitter at LLWS



Paul George Injury Blessing in Disguise for Him and Indiana Pacers

The Paul George injury was thought to be the end of Paul George and the Indiana Pacers, but it may turn out to be the best thing that could have happened for both.  For Paul George, he was going to have an immense amount of pressure on him because of Lance Stephenson’s departure.  George said all the right things about stepping up his game, but it would have been a struggle because of the roster.  The Pacers played a physical and ugly game to win, but everyone loves a free-flowing beautiful game, so it was just a matter of time before their roster became obsolete, and it now is.  It’s all about the 3-ball and the Pacers can’t shoot.

Even with Lance Stephenson, the Pacers were going to suffer a significant drop-off, and some of the luster from Paul George’s star may have been lost.  Now, when the Pacers fall apart, it will seem that they miss George that much, when in reality the roster was always flawed.   In the mean time, even though Paul George won’t be on the court, his brand is continuing to grow.  Team USA is planning on honoring George at the upcoming World Championships,  his spot on the 2016 Olympic Team is guaranteed,a nd Nike already released an ad about his comeback.  Paul George is the feel-good story of the year, and everyone is rooting for him to make it back.  It’s never good to suffer an injury, but it could be much worse.

The Pacer organization is going to be alright because the prospects from a salary cap standpoint look good after this season, so it makes sense to use this season to position yourself for next season.   Roy Hibbert and David West hold player options for the 2015-2016 season.  The Pacers owe Hibbert $15 million and David West $12 million.  It’s a lot of money for either player to possibly leave on the table, but sometimes players think they are more valuable than they are.

They both seem to be good guys, but hopefully the organization has decided to not coddle Roy Hibbert this year bcause they should do everything they can to make him opt out.  Roy Hibbert isn’t the Pacers only problem, but without his salary they could solve their problems.  Potentially, the 2015 draft will include quality centers, and size at every position.  Now that David Stern is gone (he hated the Pacers for ‘The Brawl’) and the Cleveland Cavaliers won’t be in the lottery, maybe the Pacers can get a number 1 pick.  It is odd that the conference number 1 seed, who didn’t go the NBA Finals, comes into a season with absolutely no expectations.  But that is the case for the Pacers and they better take advantage and do everything they can because the pressure is on in 2015-2016.


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Richard Pryor Roast 1977 {Free TV Online}

Richard Pryor Roast 1977 featuring  Pryor, Paul Mooney, Marsha Warfield, Robin Williams, John Witherspoon, Tim Reid, and more.  Many of the comedians that we love today, trace their root in comedy back to Pryor.  Just based on the comedians at The Richard Pryor Show Roast 1977, Richard’s influence can’t be understated.

People may not know about Paul Mooney but he is comedy royalty.  Richard took him along for the ride and Mooney became the first ‘Black’ comedy writer of the time.  Tim Reid has starred in numerous sitcoms over the years as has Marsha Warfield.  John Witherspoon’s career is still going strong today, and Robin Williams moved up from sitcoms to star in numerous classic movies. These are just a few of the greats who trace their roots back to Richard.


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The Richard Pryor Roast 1977