Ebola Virus Confirmed in United States of America

KTLA is reporting that, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a  patient being treated in a Dallas hospital is the first person in the United States of America diagnosed with the ebola virus. It’s no surprise that there is a reported case of the ebola virus on US soil because it wasn’t long ago that an American in Africa contracted the virus,  and he was returned to Atlanta for treatment.  Once the virus comes into the country, despite the best intentions, it is hard to contain.  It seems odd to bring a contaminated patient back to America for treatment, let  alone a populous area like Atlanta.  It almost seems as if an outbreak is the goal.  It sounds crazy, but with the type of money that pharmaceutical sales generate, anything is possible.

According to the CDC there have been more reported cases and deaths related to the ebola virus than total from 1976 – 2013.  How did it get this bad? All off the signs point to the fact that this is what is supposed to happen. Even though the epidemic is bad now, it could get worse because the belief is that people are being cured, but who believes that?  Not everything is a conspiracy, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is usually a duck, and there is something suspicious about this health scare.


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CDC makes statement on confirmed ebola virus case



Charlo Greene Alaska Marijuana Legalization Advocate on GGN

Charlo Greene, the KTVA Alaska reporter and owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, gained notoriety by announcing on air by announcing “F— it, I quit”.  The video went viral and Greene has been making the rounds trying to bring attention to her cause.  Greene appeared on HuffPost Live, where articulately explained her stance , and why she did what she did.  Greene  also addressed a TMZ report, where her former neighbor accused her of smoking so much weed that it seeped through the walls and made his daughter sick.  The story dignified no response from Greene, but the fact that TMZ ran with the story means that Greene’s plan is working to perfection.

Charlo Greene is smart, talking to any media outlet to further her cause and she appeared on Snoop’s GGN.  In a more comfortable setting she was able to get more of her plan across.  She says that there are many unregistered  voters in Alaska so her goal is to get new voters registered by October 5th.  Snoop Dogg pledged his support by agreeing to do a show in Alaska if they do vote to legalize marijuana.

There hasn’t been a national push of Snoop’s music in years, but he remains culturally significant.   He flies under the radar, but he is still on the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list making $10 million last year.  So Snoop is still influential, even without music because he is an OG weed advocate.  With this type of star power behind Charlo Greene, Alaska legalization isn’t a problem.  That is providing there really are black/urban people in Alaska.

Charlo Greene on Snoop’s GGN



Michael Jordan Killing ’em with Jordan Shine

The Jordan Shine in white/white-vachetta-tan will be available on September 27th. The Jordan Shine is a ‘luxurious’ model, so it will retail for $400.  As a way to justify the price this is a limited edition with only 500 pair available.  It is possible that this shoe could be looked at as an investment, but it’s definitely not something to wear.

The design of the shoe isn’t aesthetically pleasing.  The goal was a dressier sneaker, so they go with a ‘European’ type design.  Not only does the shoe look bad, but it has the Air Jorda 1 sole.  The Air Jordan 1  was before the air craze, so the sole is nothing.  On top of everything else, the shoes are uncomfortable.

This release seems like a test market situation.  If these 500 don’t sale, what did they lose? Maybe $2000 if that, but if they sell they make $200,000.   Plus if these shoes sell at this price then there is a market for an even higher price shoes because the only value in this model is the fact that there is a limited supply.  Imagine the cost if the shoes were nice.  This Jordan Shine release is a game  changer because if these shoes sell at $400 then sky is the limit.  But Nike isn’t to blame because if they can get more they aren’t charging enough, and they should keep charging more until people stop buying.



Derek Jeter Final MLB Home Game New York Yankee Press Conference


Derek Jeter ended his career at Yankee stadium in dramatic fashion, getting a game winning walk-off hit in his final home game at bat.  It was fitting as Jeter has a habit of elevating his game the bigger the moment.  As special as that moment was on the field, his post game press conference was even better because Jeter opened up for the first time.

Jeter was obviously overwhelmed emotionally as he often had to take a deep breath before answering a question.  He spoke of how he tried to keep it together emotionally during the game, and he even considered telling Joe to take him out because he didn’t want to do something that would cost his team the game.  Jeter spoke of his conflicting emotions at the podium because he was sad playing his last home game, but he excited about the game winning hit.  Jeter announced that he wouldn’t play another game at short stop because he wanted to take the New York Yankee short stop view with him into retirement.

When asked to describe the view Jeter spoke of all the fans thanking him when he was just doing his job.  In reality he said that he is the one who thanks the fans for their support.  That statement summed up why Jeter is so loved.  Then he further explained what made him tick by saying that he wasn’t the most talented, but no one work harder than him.  They may have  worked as hard, but no one worked harder.  That’s Derek Jeter and there will never be  another.


Derek Jeter post-game New York Yankee press conference


Rich Paul Gets Eric Bledsoe $70 Million from NBA Phoenix Suns

Rich Paul has officially arrived as an agent after he got Eric Bledsoe a 5 year $70 million deal from the Phoenix Suns.  The deal is significant because Paul stuck to his guns when everything was against him.  Phoenix initially offered a 4 year  $48 million dollar deal, and public sentiment was that Bledsoe and Paul should take the offer.  But they didn’t, they countered with a max contract of 5 year $80 million.  As time passed on, and the prospect of Bledsoe possibly playing the year on a $3.7 million dollar contract became more real, Paul came under fire, especially in Phoenix.

John Gambadoro, co-host of Burns and Gambo on  Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, went as far as to call Rich Paul a joke, and he even suggested that Bledsoe should fire Paul.  No one can question Paul’s acumen as an agent after this deal.  Eric Bledsoe is a talent, and has the potential, but he is unproven in the NBA.  On top of that he has been injured over the last 3 seasons.  Taking all of that into account, this deal is Rich Paul’s arrival as  an agent, and has stepped out of the famous shadows of childhood friends and partners at LRMR, Lebron James and Maverick Carter.

According to a profile on SheridanHoops, Paul chose to forge his own path and work with CAA to learn the agent business.  He was always well-respected, which is why Cleveland owner, Dan Gilbert, felt comfortable drafting Paul’s client, Tristain Thompson, in 2011.  Rich Paul is building his business the right way.  He isn’t in the headlines like Jay Z’s agency, but rest assured, he’s handling business.  This proves it.  It’s not surprising because that’s how Lebron’s inner circle does it.  For all the great things Lebron does on the basketball court, it is more significant what he has empowered his boys to do off of it.  It inspirational to think what these urban children accomplished with just a chance, and they keep paying it forward because whatever happens Eric Bledsoe has some security.

ESPN Reports

Eric Bledsoe resigns with Phoenix Suns

Beyonce and Jay Z- On the Run HBO Concert {Free TV Online}

Beyonce and Jay Z killed it with their ‘On the Run’ HBO Concert.  This event was something historic event for urban culture because things like this don’t happen for urban artists.  Both Jay Z and Beyonce’s music has mass appeal, but for people who are where they came from it is inspiring.  Also over time you forget how many hit songs they have made.  It was amazing in itself that they can keep people entertained that long.

There was a lot of symbolism in the concert.  Some of the outfits that Bey wore, are going to have people speculating about the Illuminati, and question what type of message that Bey and J are really s ending to people, but that doesn’t matter.  Who even knows if that is true because controversy sales and just the speculation helps sales, so whatever the truth is they want to keep the speculation going.  Even if they were furthering an agenda, it’s not like most people could even understand what is going on.  The bottom line is they both make great music, which is rare nowadays, so we can just enjoy that without worrying about the rest.

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Beyonce & Jay Z – On the Run Tour HBO Concert Event

Government Conspiracy ?? Joe Rogan – The American War Machine

It is surprising to some people, but Joe Rogan is a very socially conscious individual, and he is not scared to express his views.  Rogan is best known for his funny side because that is what we see on television, but he has a dead serious side and he showed it on ‘The American War Machine‘.  ‘The American War Machine’ is a piece that puts music behind some of Rogan’s most ‘controversial’ views.

Rogan starts out on the entire political system because representatives don’t represent their constituents once they get elected.  Then he got to the root of the problem.  Rogan suggested that people are just dumb and fall for simple tricks.  It is a harsh thing to say, but facts are facts.  Ironically the rise in technology has corresponded to a decline in intelligence.  For example, the rise of calculators led to fewer people learning how to solve problems because the calculator does it for them.

Then Joe Rogan got into the financial aspect of why America needs war to maintain  the ‘greatest country in the world’ status.  That idea is nothing new, but maybe it will gain more steam since Joe Rogan said it.  It’s sad to say, but that is the society that we live in where people believe what they are told, and only people in the limelight can tell them.


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Joe Rogan – The American War Machine



NFL Wants Ray Rice Scandal…Greg Hardy is Worse…Darren Sharper Worst

Awhile ago I openly questioned whether there was anything that could that could hurt the NFL’s image.  In that article I opined that the Ray Rice tape would never come out because of the emotion that it would evoke.  The tape did come out, so it’s logical to wonder why? The only explanation is that the NFL wanted it to.

The NFL is supposedly in damage control mode after the AP reported that a law enforcement official confirmed the NFL received a copy of the video.  The NFL has hired ex-FBI director, Robert S. Mueller III, for an independent investigation into the NFL’s culpability.  Some may see that as an attempt to get the truth, but that could also be seen as a stall tactic.

Independent investigations take months to complete, and typically it’s just a payoff because the investigator  doesn’t forget who is paying their bill.  By the time ‘conclusions’ are drawn it is doubtful there is much fanfare because the story will be long gone from the media cycle, and out of sight out of mind.

Some think Goodell is under fire because the National Organization of Women (NOW) President Terry O’Neill has called for his ouster, due to his stance over time on domestic violence cases.  But if you look closer at what is going on around the NFL, maybe having Goodell go through a controversy is better than Greg Hardy or Darren Sharper.

Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers was found guilty of assaulting a female and communicating threats, but he is still playing, and doesn’t seem that he will be suspended anytime soon.  If this Roger Goodell story didn’t break, then people would be talking more about him, and that is not good.  Not only was violence involved and a conviction already handed down in the Greg Hardy case, but more importantly there were guns present.  It wouldn’t be as big a deal for other franchises, but considering that former Carolina Panther,  Rae Carruth, is in jail for conspiring to kill his girlfriend, one would think the Carolina Panther franchise would show more caution.  The Panthers have escaped the media’s wrath for now, but don’t be surprised if Greg Hardy gets thrown to the wolves because the NFL is just running from the Darren Sharper story.

Former NFL Player and NFL Network analyst,  Darren Sharper,is scheduled for an evidentiary hearing on September 16., and it will surely be embarrassing for the NFL.  In this trial, the accusation is that Sharper drugged and raped 2 women he met at a West Hollywood night club.  Sharper is facing similar charges in Arizona, and he has been under investigation in Louisiana, Nevada, and Florida.  The number of charges makes Sharper a serial sexual predator, and considering that Sharper worked at the NFL Network after he retired from the NFL, the perception is that the league  empowered a sexual predatory to prey on innocent women.  Not saying that is necessarily  the case, but it would be the perception, and perception is reality.  Darren Sharper is a bigger concern than Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, or Greg Hardy, which is why ultimately the NFL will sacrifice whomever they have to so the Darren Sharper story never gets out.



NFL Baltimore Ravens Aren’t Moral…They Are Phonies

TMZ released the video of Ray Rice punching his fiancé, and now the Baltimore Ravens terminated his contract, and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.  It seems phony to take a stand now because the Ravens and NFL both stood by Rice throughout this whole process.  That is until the heat got too hot, then he was on his own.

The Baltimore Ravens terminated the contract of Rice, and the NFL suspended him indefinitely after the video broke.  Both the NFL and the Ravens say that neither saw the new video bfore, but that seems like a lie and it is still no excuse.  The bottom line is that even in the old video  she was unconscious.  How did they think she lost consciousness?

The Ravens weren’t making any stance against domestic violence by cutting ties with Rice, they were saving face.  The Rabens handled this situation completely wrong.  First they had an awkward press conference with Rice and his wife, Janay Palmer, and then they tweeted that she apologized for her role in the incident as if it was all her fault.

The NFL isn’t any better because in hindsight, Roger Goodell’s epiphany that he dropped the ball in Ray Rice’s suspension may have come because he knew this video was coming out.  It just looks suspicious the timing of everything.  Then Goodell says that the NFL never saw the video.  NFL Security is slacking because when Michael Vick and Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones were getting suspended, NFL Security had more information than the police.  This whole situation stinks.  The NFL culture it seems is like an onion, we keep peeling back layers, and what we find is making us cry.


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Donald Duck Learns Sacred Geometry (Walt Disney Classic Cartoon)

Looking back, cartoons were more influential than ever imagined.  Disney’s Donald Duck in ‘Mathmagic Land‘, made in 1959, is the best example of cartoons being used to promote thought.  Seeing this cartoon explains the differences between the generations because over time the cartoons got less and less thought-provoking, and that led to diminished mental capacity for the generation as a whole.  If you don’t use it you will lose it.  There are many conspiracy theories in connection to freemasonry and Disney because as a company they have been at the forefront of less importance being placed on intelligence.

There was a shift in focus after 1959 because educational cartoons are hard to find, let alone one promoting math.  It’s ironic because over time mathematics has become hated by the masses.  So many people are adverse to math, but they don’t understand how math affects everyday life.  In schools usually children don’t like math because they think it doesn’t matter in real life, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Mathematics is the basis for everything in nature, music, and architecture, but mathematics is also the basis for many of the games we play and watch.  Baseball, football, and basketball are all based on mathematics and geometry.  Athletic ability is a factor, but at the highest level it is still about precision and mathematical execution.  It is a myth that mathematics don’t matter.  Some would say the fact that people question mathematics is part of a grand conspiracy, but with the internet if someone seeks knowledge they will find it, so there is no excuse.

 Donald Duck learns Sacred Geometry in Mathmagic Land