Bill Cosby Alleged Rape Victim, Barbara Bowman, on CNN

Bill Cosby ihas a new show coming out, but he is under fire for some old issues.   Cosby faced sexual assault allegation years ago, which he beat, but that was a different climate, so the story never caught on.  But when comedian Hannibal Buress’ stand-up routine, where he called Bill Cosby a rapist, went viral, everything changed for Cosby.

Buress went on Howard Stern to clarify that he wasn’t trying to make a statement, but he was trying to make people laugh and someone happened to tape it.  On Howard Stern Buress made it clear that this wasn’t something he released, and he seemed regretful that the footage leaked.  After all who wants to be the man that ruined a legend.

Even though it’s sad, it’s not surprising that Cosby would fall from grace because he is all about image, so it was only a matter of time before it all came crumbling down.  To put it in perspective, whites felt comfortable with Bill Cosby in the 60’s, so that explains what type of man he was.  There is nothing wrong with what he did because he paved the way for others, but he seemed to think that he was better than everyone else, and it showed.  Cosby used his platform to ridicule the urban community for years, almost as if he didn’t realize that he was black.  If he didn’t know before, he knows now because he is watching everything he worked for go up in flames.

NBC was planning a new sitcom starring Cosby, and Netflix was planning a stand-up special, but that is in limbo.  Cosby has been quiet, hoping that the story will go away, but it’s not.   Former supermodel, Janice Dickinson, revealed her sexual assault allegations about Cosby from 1982, and Barbara Bowman has been an eloquent spokeswoman for sexual assault victims.  Bowman wrote a piece for the Washington Post were she explained why she never came forward before, and it was compelling.  Bowman also appeared on CNN, where she further explained that she isn’t out for anything, she just wants to help over victims find strength.


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Alleged Bill Cosby rape victim Barbara Bowman on CNN

DEA Raids 3 NFL Medical Staffs After Game

According to AP, the DEA raids 3 visiting NFL team medical staffs after their games.  The Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers medical staffs were all ‘spot-checked’.  Apparently doctors can only dispense prescription medications in the state they have a license, and there are strict rules on who can even handle controlled substances, so the DEA wanted to make sure teams are complying.  The surprise visit was in response to a lawsuit file in May by former players going all the way back to 1968.

The former players are alleging that NFL teams gave them prescription medications to keep them playing, while not advising of the long-term dangers.  No one doubted the truth of what the players are claiming because other former players, against the suit, acknowledged that it happened, but contended that they all knew it was dangerous long-term.  That is why it is so surprising that the DEA did a surprise visit.

Drugs are what makes the NFL so great.  A study compared the collisions in the NFL to a car crash.  Interestingly the study found that the most ‘dangerous’ positions are the offensive and defensive lines, followed by the running back and linebackers.  Receivers and quarterbacks take the least physical punishment, but are the highest paid, which is why they are the most protected.  But the other players are the heart of the game.  The ones who make the least, but give the most.

The players who endure the physical punishment of the NFL need help to recover because it isn’t natural to take a pounding like that every week.  Fighters Regulating the medications would be the beginning of the end of the game.  With no pain killers would players approach the game differently?

Some call alcohol liquid courage because when people drink they are less inhibited, and more likely to do things that they wouldn’t when they are sober.  So it is fair to assume that players would be less likely to put themselves is harms way, if they knew  they would feel the pain.  This case is fascinating because like Jack Nicholson said in “A Few Good Men”, “you can’t handle the truth.  Is the public ready for the truth about the NFL?

 DEA inspects NFL Team Medical Staffs


Are Jameis Winston Off-Field Issues Hurting Florida State in College Football Playoff?

The Jameis Winston student conduct code hearing was delayed until December 1, and coincidentally this week Florida State dropped a spot in the polls to 3rd in the college football playoff poll.  The undefeated defending champion Seminoles have dropped 2 spots without losing, and they drop behind a team with a loss.  That is curious to say the least, so it’s natural to take a closer look at why Florida State is dropping in the polls.  Could Jameis Winston’s off-field troubles be bringing his team down in the polls?

It seems the reason for the delay in the hearing is so the college football season can end before Winston is kicked out of school.  All of the facts aren’t out, but based on the information that we do know, Winston is guilty in the court of public opinion.  The school stood by Winston, but in the end he is more trouble than he is worth.

The fact that Florida State is conducting an investigation now for an incident that happened in December 2012 tells you all you need to know.  The school is in damage control mode.   The school doesn’t deserve blame because they covered for Winston as long as they could, but he couldn’t keep a low profile.  Winston’s outburst in the student union sealed his fate because what he yelled was inappropriate, but extra inappropriate for someone accused of rape.  He has to be smarter than that.

With the current climate surrounding football players after the Ray Rice domestic violence case, college football wants no part of Jameis Winston in their feature event.  If Florida State is part of the playoff, the narrative will switch from football to Winston.  There would probably be protests from women’s groups that would over shadow the event.  College football can’t take that chance, especially in the very first playoff.  The hope is that Florida State will lose  a game, and that will effectively eliminate them, but don’t be surprised if the Seminoles keep dropping in the poll even if they don’t lose.  College football is a business and Jameis Winston is bad for business.


ESPN reports Jameis Winston hearing delayed

Derrick Rose of NBA Chicago Bulls Doesn’t Get It


Derrick Rose is defensive about his injuries because when asked about sitting out this year he responded that he sits out because he is thinking about his life after basketball.   It was a seemingly harmless quote, but it could end up destroying Rose, the Chicago Bulls, and Adidas.  This was such a bad quote because now looking back, we have to wonder what motivates Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose is from Chicago and spoke of wanting to bring a title home, but is that really the case? In 2013 almost a year after his first knee injury, Rose was cleared to play, but never returned that season.   His brother Reggie Rose, insinuated earlier that year that Derrick wouldn’t return if the Bulls didn’t have a championship roster.  Derrick got a pass for that, but now looking at his history we got fooled the whole time.

Rose was a feel good story because he was a Chicago kid coming home and he adopted that hard-working and humble image.   But now we have to question if that was ever the case.  As the face of not only the Chicago Bulls, but Adidas as well, expectations are higher for Rose.

Derrick Rose must not have seen the ESPN 30 for 30: Broke because he seems content with his max contract.   Hundreds of millions are a lot of money, but many athletes have lost that much.  Instead of thinking about life after basketball Rose needs to be thinking about his next contract.  His days as a max NBA player are probably done, and his quote may have dried up his Adidas money.

Adidas built their basketball business around Derrick Rose, as they signed him to a lifetime deal worth $185 million in 2012.  Adidas hoped that Rose could make a dent in Nike’s domination of the basketball sneaker market.  Since Rose was their featured basketball player, the loss of Rose forced Adidas to regroup.  Adidas regrouped  by signing Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers to a $100 million deal.  Lillard and Rose are similar, so is Adidas is hedging their bet in case Rose doesn’t return to form?

While Adidas can hedge their bet, the Chicago Bulls can’t.  The entire Bull roster was constructed around Rose, so they have to ride with him unless they want to start over.  It will be interesting to see how teammates react to Rose.  Of course everyone will say the right things, but interactions on the court will tell the story.  Life just got harder for Derrick Rose because he will be under more scrutiny than ever, but he doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself.


ESPN First Take on Derrick Rose


University of North Carolina Academic Scandal Destroys NCAA Student Athlete Notion


The University of North Carolina academic scandal will not go away.  The latest development has the school facing additional scrutiny from an accreditation agency.  A school needs accreditation to receive federal funding, so losing accreditation would effectively close the school.  On top of that former UNC football player, Michael McAdoo, files a class action lawsuit claiming breach of contract because UNC didn’t provide a quality education in return for their play.

North Carolina and the NCAA are in a tough position because in their ongoing fight to keep from paying college athletes, they reference that they student athletes are getting an education.  Most logical people didn’t believe that assertion, but there was no proof to dispel the notion.  Now there is, and athletes will get public sentiment on their side in their quest to get paid.

According to CNN, a report found 18 years of academic fraud at UNC.  18 years constitutes an institutional cover-up.  The worst part for the NCAA is that they investigated UNC, but missed this.  In 2010 there was a scandal that was supposedly just about receiving improper benefits from an agent, but in hindsight it seems that the improper benefits were a cover-up for academic fraud.

Marvin Austin was a defensive tackle for the UNC football team,who got dismissed from the team in 2010.  The story was that his punishment was for taking improper benefits from an agent, but during the investigation Austin’s transcript leaked, and that showed that Austin took a senior level writing course as a freshman even though his high school test scores showed he needed a remedial writing course.  It was easier for the school to admit to having student athletes taking money than to admit to the full truth.  Education was not a priority at North Carolina, but it wasn’t just the football team.

Roy Williams had a great reputation because he was there with UNC legendary basketball coach, Dean Smith.  Williams initially escaped the academic scandal unscathed,  but now his world is crashing down around him.  Rashard McCants seemingly out of nowhere did an interview saying that he took fake classes to remain eligible during the 2004-2005 season, which the Tarheels subsequently won the NCAA championship.  At the time it seemed that he was upset that his NBA career stalled, but now it seems there may some validity to his words.

The new information brings into question the school’s accomplishments with their legendary basketball team.   It also brings it question the school’s priorities because their actions prove that academics aren’t a priority.  They couldn’t have taken the allegation seriously because the players didn’t.  The UNC basketball program had to suspend star PJ Hairston for the year last year.  With this type of allegation hanging over the program, one would think that the school would be extra careful to insure no additional transgressions, but they weren’t, which says a lot.

University of  North Carolina isn’t the only school that uses suspect practices to keep players eligible, but they are the ones who got caught, so they will pay the price.  The NCAA has to make an example of them if they want to continue the charade of student athletes.



Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Test Flight Crashes

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crashed during a test flight over the Mojave Desert.  The crash killed the co-pilot, Michael Asbury, and seriously injured pilot, Peter Siebold.  Virgin Galactic, founded in 1999, is the brainchild of Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group.  Branson has been working for years to commercialize space travel to no avail.  This tragedy is an indicator that it is time for Branson to move on to other projects because time, money, and now a life have been lost.

It was kind of funny when the story came out years ago because there is still talk that the original moon landing was fake, so it  seemed far-fetched to begin with.  Now because of the money at stake others are trying to get in on the act.  If any good can come from this tragedy, hopefully this attempt to commercialize space travel will stop.

No good can from from commercialized space travel because it accentuates the gap between the haves and the have-nots.  Zoe Williams wrote an excellent piece for The Guardian in which she opined that space tourism shows the obscene inequality that exists today.  If people continue  to pay up to $250,000 for a space flight, the media is going to look closer at them.

It is too hard for most people in the world to make money, so throwing it away on a space travel makes no sense, especially considering the economic climate.  NASA funding from the US government was cut, but they still get over $17 billion a year.  In the big scheme of things that isn’t a lot, but when you consider the return on investment, the government should have stopped NASA funding long ago.  Even if you believe that man has landed on the moon, the fact is we haven’t been back since 1972, so where is all the money  going? One day the masses will realize what is really going on with the economy, but by then it will be too late.


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Virgin Galactic test flight crashes