Derrick Rose of NBA Chicago Bulls Doesn’t Get It


Derrick Rose is defensive about his injuries because when asked about sitting out this year he responded that he sits out because he is thinking about his life after basketball.   It was a seemingly harmless quote, but it could end up destroying Rose, the Chicago Bulls, and Adidas.  This was such a bad quote because now looking back, we have to wonder what motivates Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose is from Chicago and spoke of wanting to bring a title home, but is that really the case? In 2013 almost a year after his first knee injury, Rose was cleared to play, but never returned that season.   His brother Reggie Rose, insinuated earlier that year that Derrick wouldn’t return if the Bulls didn’t have a championship roster.  Derrick got a pass for that, but now looking at his history we got fooled the whole time.

Rose was a feel good story because he was a Chicago kid coming home and he adopted that hard-working and humble image.   But now we have to question if that was ever the case.  As the face of not only the Chicago Bulls, but Adidas as well, expectations are higher for Rose.

Derrick Rose must not have seen the ESPN 30 for 30: Broke because he seems content with his max contract.   Hundreds of millions are a lot of money, but many athletes have lost that much.  Instead of thinking about life after basketball Rose needs to be thinking about his next contract.  His days as a max NBA player are probably done, and his quote may have dried up his Adidas money.

Adidas built their basketball business around Derrick Rose, as they signed him to a lifetime deal worth $185 million in 2012.  Adidas hoped that Rose could make a dent in Nike’s domination of the basketball sneaker market.  Since Rose was their featured basketball player, the loss of Rose forced Adidas to regroup.  Adidas regrouped  by signing Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers to a $100 million deal.  Lillard and Rose are similar, so is Adidas is hedging their bet in case Rose doesn’t return to form?

While Adidas can hedge their bet, the Chicago Bulls can’t.  The entire Bull roster was constructed around Rose, so they have to ride with him unless they want to start over.  It will be interesting to see how teammates react to Rose.  Of course everyone will say the right things, but interactions on the court will tell the story.  Life just got harder for Derrick Rose because he will be under more scrutiny than ever, but he doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself.


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