Randy Moss 30 for 30 – Rand University

ESPN traveled to West Virginia for the Randy Moss 30 for 30 –  Rand University.  Moss hails from Rand, WV, a place where not many make it out of, so hence the name.  Moss had his pitfalls along the way, but he eventually went on to become one of the best NFL wide receivers of all time, which is a testament to his greatness.

It was known that Moss overcame obstacles to make it, but this documentary put it in perspective.  Moss wasn’t supposed to make it.  Most wouldn’t have made it given his circumstances.  Who rebounds from losing scholarships to Notre Dame and Florida State, and still has a successful career?

But more than being about Randy Moss this piece also shed some light on how the other half lives so to speak.  Many professional athletes are from small towns where the values are different.  For example people had a hard time accepting Adrian Peterson’s appeared indifference to his child abuse case, but if they actually saw how he grew up and probably how it still is in his hometown they would be more understanding.

It is hard for people to imagine outside of their experiences.  Anyone raised in an environment without corporal punishment will think any physical contact with a child is wrong, while others opinions will vary based on their own personal upbringing.  We will all have different views because it’s relative to perspective, but this documentary shows that maybe people are more different than we think.


Randy Moss 30 for 30 – Rand University

Janay Rice Exclusive Interview on Today Show

Janay Rice spoke out on the Today Show about her altercation with her husband, Ray Rice, that led to her becoming the face of domestic violence.  Despite the fact that changes have been made in her honor for the betterment of women in general, Janay isn’t comfortable with her role in the entire process.

In the interview, sitting along with her mother, they both mentioned how the media coverage wasn’t fair because that isn’t her life.  They seem to be more embarrassed that the world knows she got beat, instead of scared at what could happen in the future if nothing is done.

In trying to defend her husband, she is actually hurting him.  People will forgive Ray, but Janay down playing the situation isn’t helping.  Ray can’t get back into the NFL until public sentiment dies down, but public sentiment won’t die down as long as the perception is that Janay is a confused woman in an abusive relationship.  That will continue to be the perception until she addresses how bad that video really was.  Only then will people accept that Ray should be forgiven.


Janay Rice on Today Show