Suge Knight Arrested for Murder in Hit and Run

Suge Knight has a crazy life whether he is rich or poor.  If Suge Knight isn’t in jail then he is in some sort of trouble.  Now the Death Row Records founder has been arrested for murder in a hit and run.  The alleged murder is only the tip of the iceberg.

TMZ is now reporting that this incident was indirectly related to the Suge/Dre beef that has been going on for years.  Apparently the filming of the new NWA movie is opening old wounds because the incident started with an argument on the set, and ended with the fatal hit and run.

It’s kind of sad that Suge can’t seem to let go.  Why did he care about the beef with Dre? Too much time has passed, and cooler heads should have prevailed.  It doesn’t make sense for Suge to be still be holding a grudge.  He should feel like it was good while it lasted because he never did anything for the success he achieved.  He started as security and ended up as one of the most powerful men in the music business at a time.

It’s sad that Suge’s story is playing out like this because he should be a respected man because of his accomplishments, but he has become a joke.  Sometimes it’s hard to accept reality, and Suge obviously hasn’t come to grips with his reality.


Confidence in Andy Dalton Has to be Shaken after Pro Bowl Loss

The Pro Bowl was the end to a tumultuous season for Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.  The season started off with such promise for Dalton, but ended just like all his others, in disappointment because Dalton came up small in the big game.  This year was no different as the Bengals faltered down the stretch, and they lost in the playoffs to a Colts team that they were better than on paper.

Even though the season didn’t end favorably, Dalton still made the Pro Bowl.  But looking back, Dalton would have been better served if he didn’t make the Pro Bowl.  Even though the game isn’t as serious as a regular season game, it features the best players, so it was an opportunity for Dalton to prove that he is a franchise quarterback.

Instead of changing his reputation, Dalton lived up to it.  People still think that he can’t handle big moments.  Dalton could have led his team to a game winning drive, which would have been a big step for him considering he hasn’t won a nationally televised game. But he still hasn’t won a nationally televised game after losing the Pro Bowl 32-28, and that is a heavy burden moving forward.  Dalton playing with pressure hasn’t worked well in the past, so it’s logical to think that his best days are behind him.

Athletics at the highest level are about confidence, and Dalton’s confidence is running low.  Cris Carter was visibly upset on the sidelines as Dalton let the game slip away.  The fans booed him for his last-minute performance.  It was the Pro Bowl, so players weren’t going as hard as usual.  If Dalton couldn’t get it done then, it’s hard to imagine that he ever will.


Klay Thompson Has 37 Points in Quarter

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson set an NBA record with 37 points in a quarter in the Warriors 126-101 victory over the Sacramento Kings.  Thompson is making his case to ensure not only that he is an All Star, but he is making a case for starting as well.

Kobe Bryant is the starter, but he is out for the year, so a replacement will be named.  James Harden is the prime candidate to replace Kobe in the starting line-up,  and he deserves it for the season he is having, but so does Klay Thompson.

The Warriors have a NBA best 35-6 record, and Thompson is one of the main reasons why.  The Warriors organization is looking like geniuses because they refused to include Thompson in a potential Kevin Love trade, and then they gave Thompson a new lucrative contract.  Even if the public doesn’t realize his importance, the organization does.

Thompson averages 22 points a game and shoots 45% from 3 point range, but that doesn’t tell the full story.  He is a 2 way player because he has defensive responsibility.  For all his offensive acumen, Thompson’s greatest attribute is his defense because he frees up Steph Curry to do his thing because he doesn’t have to worry about defense.  This performance probably wasn’t enough to get Thompson the starting nod, but if he isn’t on the team then it’s a travesty.

Klay Thompson Scores 37 in Quarter


Walmart High Cost of Low Prices (Documentary)

Brave New Films did a documentary Walmart High Cost of Low Prices about Walmart and their business practices.  Nothing is free in this life and this documentary exposes some of the effects that those low prices we love have on the community.  The documentary details how Wal-Mart keeps their prices low by keeping employee expenses down and importing from China, which in turn destroys communities.  As employee wages go down, so does their disposable income and they don’t spend as much.  Plus when they do spend that money is not only leaving the community, but it is leaving the country as well going to China.

High Cost of Low Prices was an eye opener.  Not only did it make people look at Walmart different, but it gave a different perspective on people on government assistance as well.  There were too many people, who were full-time Wal-Mart employees, trying to earn their keep, still in need of government assistance, while the company is turning profits.  The sad part is that as long as the company is profitable, they can spread the money to the right places,  and nothing is going to change.


 Walmart High Cost of Low Prices (Documentary)



(2:22) – How Walmart Destroys Communities – Whether it’s a family rum hardware store or a small eye-glass store, when Walmart opens in small towns like Middlefield, Ohio long-established, independently run stores are hurt. The Hunter family open H&H Hardware in 1962. When a new Walmart was build in town, they were driven out of business.

(15:20) – How Walmart Profits from Poverty (And Sticks Taxpayers With The Bill) – Walmart stores are frequently short-staffed, not because they can’t find workers but because they want to save on their labor experiences. This comes from the top, the corporate doesn’t budget enough money for payroll. Because Walmart doesn’t pay fair wages, their employers need to go on public assistance programs.

(25:13) How Walmart Rolls Back Worker’s Rights – Walmart is one of the most anti-union companies in America. Store managers keep an eye on employees they suspect are either sympathetic to unions or are active union organizers.

(33:56) – Walmart Cheats Workers – It is estimated that they cheated workers out of $150 million dollars. Walmart would teach managers how to digitally change people’s time cards as not to pay overtime and reduce store experiences.

(44:35) -Subsidies – The subsidies Walmart gets from city governments takes funding away from public schools. When Walmart opened stored in Denver, they got $1.7 million in city subsidies, if the money had gone to the Denver Public Schools system, they wouldn’t had have to shut down three schools. Subsidies also give Walmart an unfair business advantage over small, locally owned stores that offer better pay and benefits for their workers.

(54:46) – Environmental Ruin -In Belmont, North Carolina, a Catawba Riverkeeper noticed that runoff from herbicides and pesticides was flowing into the river and polluting the town’s drinking water. It was only after the local news aired a report on the water contamination that a local manager moved those toxic substance to a better storage site. The company’s main offices were unresponsive.

(1:00:10) – Imports From China – In China, factory workers can live in dorms owned by Walmart – workers pay rent and utilities. If they move out of the dorms, to live in a place not connected to Walmart, they still have to pay rent for the dorms. Workers work in factories with poor ventilation. They are told to lie to inspectors about how many days they work: six, when they really work seven days a week. All of this to make less than $3 a day.

(1:12:33) – Greed – Lee Scott, the CEO of Walmart made $27,207,799 in 2005 when, the average Walmart hourly sales employee made $13,861 annually. The family who owns Walmart, the Waltons, is one of America’s wealthiest family, yet they barely give anything to charity. They are worth $102 billion.

(1:16:10) – No Security – Kidnappings, robberies, and car jackings…80% of crime that occurs at Walmarts in California takes place in the stores’ parking lot, yet most of the stores’ security officers are posted within the store. As early as 1994, Walmart knew that it had issues with its’ parking lot security, but they hid these internal reports. They also knew that adding roving patrols in parking lots greatly reduce crime

(1:25:06) – Taking Control – Walmart is a powerful corporation! However, we can beat them. Two communities, one in Arizona and another in Southern California did just that! They stopped a Walmart from coming into their communities.

Jay Paterno on ESPN Outside the Lines

Outside The Lines (OTL) spoke to Jay Paterno regarding the recent news that the NCAA and Penn State agreed to restore Joe Paterno’s 111 vacated wins in exchange for Pennsylvania dropping their lawsuit against the NCAA.  Of course Jay was on to pound is chest implying that the NCAA was wrong to punish the university, and his father’s name was improperly tarnished.

Jay Paterno and the Paterno Family are shameful because while they say they are fighting to repair the family name, it is apparent that they are after money because no judgement will repair their name.  Anyone with knowledge of the federal funding policies for colleges know this could have been much worse.  Penn State could have lost accreditation for this scandal, which is why they were fine with the penalties.  Jay Paterno and the Paterno Family need to realize that getting the victories back means nothing in the big scheme of things because the $60 million fine stayed the same.  The fact that they even fought for the victories proves they don’t get it.

The sad part is that the family is hurting Joe Paterno’s legacy by fighting.  Jay Paterno even mentioned in the interview that they family is also suing the NCAA.  So the end game is money to the Paterno Family because if it wasn’t, they would let it go.  Fighting isn’t going to fix his name, the only thing that will repair his image is time.  Time heals all wounds, and eventually the Paterno wound would heal.  But it won’t heal if the family keeps picking the scab.  It makes Joe look worse because these are his descendants with the values he instilled in them.


Jay Paterno on Outside the Lines

Common and John Legend – Glory (Music Video)

Common and John Legend – Glory collaboration off the soundtrack to the movie “Selma”.  “Selma” was inspired by the 1965 voting rights marches in Selma and Montgomery Alabama.


Common and John Legend – Glory (Music Video)



One day, when the glory comes
It will be ours, it will be ours
Oh, one day, when the war is one
We will be sure, we will be here sure
Oh, glory, glory
Oh, glory, glory

Hands to the Heavens, no man, no weapon
Formed against, yes glory is destined
Every day women and men become legends
Sins that go against our skin become blessings
The movement is a rhythm to us
Freedom is like religion to us
Justice is juxtaposition in us
Justice for all just ain’t specific enough
One son died, his spirit is revisitin’ us
Truant livin’ livin’ in us, resistance is us
That’s why Rosa sat on the bus
That’s why we walk through Ferguson with our hands up
When it go down we woman and man up
They say, “Stay down” and we stand up
Shots, we on the ground, the camera panned up
King pointed to the mountain top and we ran up

One day, when the glory comes
It will be ours, it will be ours
Oh, one day, when the war is one
We will be sure, we will be here sure
Oh, glory, glory
Oh, glory, glory glory

Now the war is not over
Victory isn’t won
And we’ll fight on to the finish
Then when it’s all done
We’ll cry glory, oh glory
We’ll cry glory, oh glory

Selma’s now for every man, woman and child
Even Jesus got his crown in front of a crowd
They marched with the torch, we gon’ run with it now
Never look back, we done gone hundreds of miles
From dark roads he rose, to become a hero
Facin’ the league of justice, his power was the people
Enemy is lethal, a king became regal
Saw the face of Jim Crow under a bald eagle
The biggest weapon is to stay peaceful
We sing, our music is the cuts that we bleed through
Somewhere in the dream we had an epiphany
Now we right the wrongs in history
No one can win the war individually
It takes the wisdom of the elders and young people’s energy
Welcome to the story we call victory
Comin’ of the Lord, my eyes have seen the glory

One day, when the glory comes
It will be ours, it will be ours
Oh, one day, when the war is one
We will be sure, we will be here sure
Oh, glory, glory
Oh, glory, glory glory

When the war is done, when it’s all said and done
We’ll cry glory, oh glory



Dwight Howard Gets No Respect in NBA

It’s been a tough season for Dwight Howard, and it’s not even All Star break yet.  For some reason everyone wants to try his character this season.  His confrontation with Kobe at the beginning of the season was understandable considering that was their first meeting since Dwight left the Lakers.  There is history between Kobe and Dwight, but the incident with Kevin Durant made you question Howard’s reputation.

Kevin Durant is usually pretty mild-mannered, so when he got in Dwight’s face, it raised eye brows.  Durant felt too comfortable talking trash in Howard’s face.  A good big man needs at least the veil of intimidation, but obviously Dwight lost that long ago.  Never was that more apparent than Dwight’s latest incident with Kevin Garnett of the Brooklyn Nets.

Although Dwight was widely viewed as a good guy in Orlando, Kevin Garnett never liked him.  Rumor is that whenever they play KG just continuously calls Howard a clown.  So it’s not surprising that they would get into it, especially with KG approaching the end of his career.  If Dwight doesn’t get some revenge now, he never will.

KG must have had the same line of thinking and wanted to make sure he didn’t give Dwight an inch because he was on edge.  Garnett pushed Dwight and when Dwight pushed back it was on.  KG threw the ball at Howard, and proceeded to walk toward him and head-butt Howard.  Howard swung back with an open hand, but he was obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation.

It’s sad how far Howard has fallen since he left Orlando.  In Orlando, he was the last dominant big man, and he had visions of championships.  He dominated the paint and was a force to be reckoned with.  Now he is only a shell of himself.


Dwight Howard – Kevin Garnett altercation


Cleveland Cavaliers Haven’t Learned A Thing

Lebron James returning home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers was the feel good story of the NBA off-season.  Lebron tried to temper expectations talking about how difficult a journey it is to win a NBA championship.  Even after the Cavs acquired Kevin Love, Lebron tried to down play championship aspirations, but obviously the Cleveland Cavaliers front office didn’t view the situation the same.

The Cavaliers front office obviously has a championship or bust mentality.  They are making desperate trades in an attempt to contend this year.  First they traded Dion Waiters for Iman Shumpert and JR Smith from the New York Knicks.  Then they traded 2 first round picks for Timofey Mozgov.

Those are all good players that the Cavs acquired, but are they difference makers? Are the Cavs now championship contenders? The answer from the majority of the experts is no, so the only thing the Cavs have accomplished is hurting their future salary cap situation.

These moves are eerily similar to the type of moves the Cavaliers made when Lebron was there before.  They consistently brought in decent players with the expectation that Lebron would make them better.  Obviously Lebron had a different plan this time around because he admitted that he is in ‘chill mode’.

Lebron wanted to coast this year so expectations wouldn’t be so high moving forward, but the organization has other ideas.  The question now is whether Lebron will stay.  Cavaliers fans are getting anxious because there are reports that Lebron is rehabbing in Miami.  On top that there is a report that Lebron spoke to Dwyane Wade about possibly reuniting next season.

Cleveland fans should be concerned because no matter what Lebron says with words, his actions are speaking loud and clear.  His effort shows that he doesn’t want to be in Cleveland.  Lebron hasn’t played in the new year, and is it a coincidence that he is sitting out longer than he ever has, when he admitted that he could play if it  was the playoffs? There are problems in Cleveland and the signs point to Lebron leaving again.

ESPN First Take on Lebron leaving Cleveland


Nike 2015 BHM Collection Release Date January 17,2015

Nike will begin releasing the 2015 BHM Collection beginning January 17.  The collection, in honor of Black History Month, will feature special designs of the Nike signature shoes.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Ever Higher Fund, which uses the power of sport to maximize potential of underserved youth.  This is big for Nike to do because even though they are making money, they are also promoting Black History Month.


Kyrie 1 – Deceptive Red Release Date January 10, 2015

Nike is releasing the second colorway of Kyrie Irving’s first signature shoe, Kyrie 1 ‘Deceptive Red’ on January 10, 2015.  The shoe, designed for speed, has Nike Zoom Air Cushioning in the forefront, grip along the sidewalls, and Hyperfuse construction for stability.  The shoe will retail for $110.


Write Up from

The Kyrie 1 ‘Deceptive Red’ is also available in kids sizes:
Kyrie 1 GS (3.5Y – 7Y) $100
Kyrie 1 PS (10.5c – 3Y) $75
Kyrie 1 TD (2c-10c) $52



When designer Leo Chang and team began the design process of the KYRIE 1, the goal was to build a shoe to match Irving’s tremendous speed and quickness. The KYRIE 1 needed to be light, bold and responsive with the best traction Nike Basketball could develop for Irving’s prolific first step.


After months of meticulous testing and feedback, the KYRIE 1 was created to deliver three primary benefits:

– Pinpoint responsiveness with Nike Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot.


– Dynamic grip with a 360-degree dynamic traction pattern wrapping the shoe’s sidewalls.


– Ultra support and breathability with Hyperfuse construction for lockdown stability.

Kyrie-1-Deceptive-Red-Detail 2.jpg

The KYRIE 1 Deceptive Red takes inspiration from Irving’s phenomenal quickness and accelerated first step. Get yours on January 10.