Brittney Griner Glory Johnson Union Shows Pitfalls of Marriage For Everyone

Brittney Griner Glory Johnson on ‘Say Yes to Dress’

The fight for same-sex marriage had been going on for years, and significant crossroads has been made.  But the Brittney Griner Glory Johnson union shows the dark-side of legalized same-sex marriage.  Griner and Johnson were married for 28 days before Griner filed for an annulment.  Griner lost her petition and she may now be at the mercy of Johnson, who is currently pregnant with twins.

Johnson claims that she got pregnant through IVR and that Griner is the father, so she wants support.  Johnson is asking for $20,000 a month in spousal support.  It seems shady, but legally now Johnson has the upper-hand, especially if the children are Griner’s.  This is going to get very ugly.

Johnson and Griner were arrested for domestic violence 3 weeks before their marriage, so that was probably a sign of things to come.  This should be a cautionary tale for those eager to get married just because they can.  It’s not always all that it’s cracked up to be.


Brittney Griner Interview with Kate Fagan

Ex Baltimore Cop Michael A Wood Jr Exposes Corrupt System

Ex Baltimore Cop Interview with Joe Rogan

After hearing ex Baltimore cop, Michael A Wood Jr, expose the truth behind the inherent racism in the police practices, there is hope for change.  Wood is also an ex-marine so his credibility is impeccable, which is why it was such a big deal when he started tweeting about the injustices he witnessed as a member of the Baltimore Police Department.

The tweets were only the beginning as Wood got more in-depth in regards to the problem in an interview with Joe Rogan.  Wood spoke of the sometimes sub-conscious targeting of young Black males, and the vicious cycle.  They seem to commit more crimes because the police harass them.

But Woods wasn’t just talking about the problem he offered a solution.  Woods stated that 90% of the arrests are for drugs, so if we got rid of the war on drugs then it would ultimately make things better.  Woods compared it to alcohol, where during prohibition there were gangs, but once alcohol was legalized the violence subsided.   Most are probably not ready for that, but at least now they have to acknowledge that there is a problem.


Full Michael A Wood Jr Interview with Joe Rogan

Michael Sam Debuts in CFL…Is It Even A Story?

Michael Sam made his pro football debut with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League, becoming the first openly gay player to play professional football.  His debut was nothing special, but maybe now Sam will cease to be a major story now that he has accomplished his goal.

The whole ‘coming out’ was strange from the beginning due to timing.  By coming out before the draft it made his motives questionable.  Michael Sam was considered a fringe NFL player, so it made no sense to come out.  The NFL frowns upon individuality, so any kind of revelation before the draft would hurt his stock.  In hindsight, it seems that he was trying to use the social climate to force his way into the league.

Then after being unable to make a NFL roster, he was hesitant to go to Canada to prove himself.  After getting to Canada he then took a still unexplained leave before eventually returning to the team.  Who does that? Why did he even get a second chance? For some reason he seems to think he is entitled, so maybe if the media paid less attention to him then he would put in the work he needs to on the field.  If he does that he will have a chance to reap all the accolades he imagined.

Stephanie Ready – 1st Woman to Coach Men Professionally

Stephanie Ready on Coaching in NBA D-League

Becky Hammons is viewed as a trendsetter, but Stephanie Ready was an assistant coach with the NBA D-League Greenville Groove in 2001, where her team won the championship.  Before that Ready served as an assistant with the Coppin State Men’s Basketball team, where she was the first female NCAA Division I recruiter.  Ready is currently a sideline reporter for the Charlotte Hornets, so the expectations of a female head coach may be a bit premature.

Right now women in men’s sports is in vogue.  Arizona Cardinals hired Jen Welter as an intern, and the Sacramento Kings hired legend Nancy Lieberman.  Lieberman is fully aware that she may not have been hired if Becky Hammond didn’t win the summer league title.  It is good that we are progressing, but there is still ways to go before there is a woman head coach.

Widespread Doping Allegations After Blood Test Leak

Widespread Doping Allegations

Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper and Germany’s ARD/WDR broadcaster said they obtained secret data from IAAF indicating widespread doping allegations in the endurance running sports.  Based on the findings, it is suspected that a third of the winners of Olympic and World Championship medals where guilty of doping between 2001-2012.  Now distance running is being compared to the state of cycling when Lance Armstrong won his 7 Tour de France titles.

Russia and Kenya bear the brunt of the negative press from the report.  It is suspected that 80% of Russian medal winner had a suspicious blood tests.  While Kenya  didn’t have the number of questionable test results, they have dominated distance running, so these allegations about the sport stick to them more.  Ukraine, Morroco, Spain, and Turkey were also countries specifically mentioned.

There was one positive piece of information released, the fact that Usain Bolt is clean.  Bolt is probably the biggest star in track and field, so if he was dirty it would have hurt the entire sport.  It will be interesting to see how active the United States is in getting to the bottom of this.  A stance has been taken to clean up sports, but does that apply when there isn’t money to be made.

Adidas Offers James Harden $200 Million Contract

Adidas Offers Harden $200 Million (ESPN)

Darren Rovel of ESPN has reported that Adidas offers $200 million over 13 years to the Houston Rockets James Harden.  Harden’s contract with Nike recently expired, and they have until the end of the week to match the offer.  This is reminiscent of last year when Under Armour made a bid on Kevin Durant.

Nike matched the offer for Durant, and he got hurt, so will they be more cautious.  Even though the contract isn’t as valuable as Kevin Durant’s, it requires an even bigger leap of faith.  Harden has never had a signature shoe, so no one knows how many shoes he can sell.

Adidas has already fallen behind Under Armour, so they have to do something.  Harden has crafted his own image with ‘the beard’, so they have something to work with.  But they already have Dwight Howard on the Rockets.  This is going to be interesting however it all plays out.

Wrestling Legend Rowdy Roddy Piper Dead At 61

Rowdy Roddy Piper – WWE HOF Speech

The wrestling world lost an icon with the death of Rowdy Roddy Piper, who was 61.  When the WWE business really took off, it was Hulk Hogan starring as the hero and Roddy Piper starred as the villain.  Piper was somewhat over shadowed by Hogan’s popularity, but he was a superstar in his own right.  Piper is a cultural icon that is still influential today.

Even though he is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, there was more to him than just inside the ring.  He was an accomplished bag pipe player, an actor, and one of the biggest personalities ever.  He starred in the film, “They Live,” which brought up the idea of a world-wide conspiracy over 25 years ago, and is still popular today.  He has inspired people from all walks of life, and he will missed.


10 Most Valuable Sneakers 2015 (Quarter 2)


Most Valuable Sneakers 2015 (Quarter 2)

(click on shoe name link to purchase)

1.   Air Jordan 10 Retro Drake OVO – Being in the new with the Meek Mill beef, it is fitting that Drake is in the top spot.  The Drake retro Jordan’s were released in April 2015 at a OVO pop-up store in Los Angeles.  The shoes were a very limited release, but those who were lucky enough to get a pair made a great investment.  The shoe retailed for $225, but has got as much as $4,050 on the resell market.  With that kind of demand it is no wonder that a limited number of black and white colorways will be released later this year.

2.   Adidas 350 Yeezy Boost – Kanye West has backed up his talk with his first project with Adidas.  The move from Nike hasn’t hurt ‘Ye at all.  The Adidas 350 Yeezy Boost retailed for $200, but has sold for $844 for the resell market. The new black colorway will be released August 22nd and select retailers so stay tuned.

3.   Air Jordan 1 Retro Dover Street Market – Dover Street Market is a multilevel fashion/concept store by Japanese designer Rei Kamakubo located in New York, Tokyo, London.  So this is more than a sneaker because of who designed it, this is fashion.  The shoe retailed in April for $185 and has sold for as much as $650 on the resell market

4.   Nike Sock Dart Fragment Black – Fragment Design is an imprint led by Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara.  The Nike Sock Dart Fragment Black debuted in April and retailed for $169 while it is selling as high as $485 on the resell market.

5.   Air Jordan 1 Retro Shattered Backboard – Inspired by when Michael Jordan shattered the backboard when playing an exhibition in Italy.  The show was released June 27, 2015, and retailed for $160.  It is currently going for as much as $482 on the resell market

6.   Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago 2015  – The return of the shoe that started it all in the original colorways, but constructed with new premium materials.  The shoe dropped on may 30, 2015 and retailed for $160.  It has sold for as much as $444 on the resell market.

7.   Under Armour Curry One MVP – Under Armour is becoming a player in the sneaker game.  UA honored Curry with a special limited release to commemorate his MVP award, and it worked as they hoped.  By limiting the release, it increased the shoes value on the resell market.  The shoe retailed for $120, but is selling for as much as $373 on the resell market.

8.   Asics Gel-Lyte III AFEW-KOI  – A collaboration with Asics and Germany’s afew  sneaker shop for the 25th anniversary of the sillohette.  The colorays were inspired by koi fish.  The shoe was released on May 30, 2015, and retailed for $180, while it has sold as high as $369 on the resell market

9.   Air Jordan 7 Retro Cigar – Paying homage to the second of Jordan’s 6 rings the ‘Cigar’ features red with white and gold accents, an inner lining, and gum rubber outsole.  The shoe released on June 20, 2015, and retailed for $250 .nd It has sold on the resell market for as much as $365

10. Air Jordan 7 Retro Champagne – Paying homage to the second of Jordan’s 6 rings, the ‘Champagne’ is white based and helped by helped by black and gold with a champagne pop graphic along the insoles.  The shoe was released on June 20, 2015.  It retailed for $250 and has sold for up to $344 on the resell market.