Widespread Doping Allegations After Blood Test Leak

Widespread Doping Allegations

Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper and Germany’s ARD/WDR broadcaster said they obtained secret data from IAAF indicating widespread doping allegations in the endurance running sports.  Based on the findings, it is suspected that a third of the winners of Olympic and World Championship medals where guilty of doping between 2001-2012.  Now distance running is being compared to the state of cycling when Lance Armstrong won his 7 Tour de France titles.

Russia and Kenya bear the brunt of the negative press from the report.  It is suspected that 80% of Russian medal winner had a suspicious blood tests.  While Kenya  didn’t have the number of questionable test results, they have dominated distance running, so these allegations about the sport stick to them more.  Ukraine, Morroco, Spain, and Turkey were also countries specifically mentioned.

There was one positive piece of information released, the fact that Usain Bolt is clean.  Bolt is probably the biggest star in track and field, so if he was dirty it would have hurt the entire sport.  It will be interesting to see how active the United States is in getting to the bottom of this.  A stance has been taken to clean up sports, but does that apply when there isn’t money to be made.

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